Hi and this is my newest blog post on Lockbox Heroes

Lockbox 9 - Sabretooth

Sabretooth is one heck of a playable Character. When ever I use Sabretooth, I need loss a member of my team. He goes Berserk and shreds the enemy team apart. When teamed up with Nico, you have nothing to fear, except for Disoriented and Brutal Strike.

Lockbox 10 - Doctor Doom

Enough Said

Lockbox 11 - Moonstone

Moonstone is one of my favorite Thunderbolts. Her moves can just be annoying to opposition and With Gravity Syndrome, she makes Flying Tacts like Rescue and Black Bolt do her bidding. I love using Big Bang. It great if you use Mockingbird along side her to Kick some major ass.

Lockbox 12 - Taskmaster

If they're a better Lockbox hero, I won't care. Task can just dominate PvP and kick ass. Lvl 12 Taskmaster means death for everyone. If Taskmaster has Scrapper power all should fear the Mighty Taskmaster.

Lockbox 13 - Sandman

Enough Said. I cant describe how Bad-Ass he is.

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