Welcome to the second A New Spec Ops. This one features Mimic and a lockbox charater. The charater is Mystique. 

Spec Ops - Mimicry

Mission 1

  • Miniboss - Toad
  • Boss - Sabertooth
  • Deploys - Colossus, A tactician, Any charater

Mission 2

  • Miniboss - Madame Masque
  • Boss - Dark Beast
  • Epic Boss - Green Goblin
  • Deploys - Cyclops , Angel

Mission 3

  • Miniboss - Avalance
  • Miniboss - Dark Beast
  • Boss - Sauron
  • Deploys - Any charater, A blaster, Beast



  • The Mutant Ray
  • Mimic's Return

Villians details

  • Dark Beast - Scrapper
  • Sauron - Tactician


Mimic's moveset is below.

Mystique's moveset is below

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