Hello and welcome, This time I am going striaght to the point. Who is upcoming!

A New Hero Blog

I like to gladly say the next few heroes to get a Moveset

  1. A-Bomb
  2. Sunfire
  3. Living Lightning
  4. Speed and Stature
  5. Wolfsbane
  6. Warpath

These will be the next 6 hero moveset blogs. I hope you will enjoy them all!

A New Spec Ops Blog

I will have only two after this blog. 

The first one I will do is

  • Banshee - Sonic Cries

Then I will do is

  • Sunfire - Horsemen of Death

I can't wait to do these next two blogs!

New Improvements

  1. Tasks list
  2. dioologues
  • Spoiler
  • These two spec ops are important about each other!
  • Banshee will be an enemy.
  • Sentry will be an enemy.
  • The Apcalpse twins will not be a enemy, just a diologue.

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