Hello all to the 16th edition of A New Hero Blog.

Hope Summers



  • Ressurection - Immune to fatal blow, and will survive one killing blow(by getting 25% of health back)
  • Flying


Generalist Mode

  1. Psysonic Pulse. One Enemy. TYPE - Ranged. Debuff - Burning, Migrain. Buff - True Strike, Deadly Crits
  2. Empathic Force. Self. TYPE - Buff. Changes to Inflitratior Mode.
  3. Concussion Beam. One Enemy. TYPE - Energy Ranged. Debuff - Stun. Buff - Quick Action. Cooldown - 2 rounds.
  4. Magnetic Fleid. All Enemies. TYPE - Ranged. Debuff - Reverse Polarity, Magnetized. Buff - Catastrophic, Deadly Crits.

Inflitratior Mode

  1. Pixie's Punch. One Enemy. TYPE - Unarmed Melee. Debuff - Cornered
  2. Empathic Force. Self. TYPE - Buff. Changes to Scrapper Mode.
  3. I'm Lucky. One Ally. TYPE - Buff. Buff - Get Lucky, Quick Action. Cooldown - 3 rounds.
  4. X-Ray. One enemy. TYPE - Debuff. Debuff - Flanked, Cornered

Scrapper Mode

  1. Bone Claws. One Enemy. TYPE - Melee. Debuff - Bleeding, Pain. Buff - True Strike.
  2. Empathic Force. Self. TYPE - Buff. Changes to Bruiser Mode.
  3. Smash. One Enemy. TYPE - Unarmed Melee. Debuff - Stun(85% chance)
  4. Diamond Head-Butt. One Enemy. TYPE - Ranged Melee. Debuff - Pain, Weak Mind, Weakened. Buff - Strengthened(All Allies).

Bruiser Mode

  1. SuperHuman Punch. One Enemy. TYPE - Un armed Melee. Debuff - Stun(5%), Exposed. Buff - Enraged, True Strike, Exploit Exposure.
  2. Empathic Force. Self. TYPE - Buff. Changes to Blaster Mode.
  3. Geo Slide. All Enemies. TYPE - Ranged Ground. Debuff - Staggered, Exposed, Pain
  4. Exo Armor. One Ally. TYPE - Buff. Buff - Small Kinetic Shield.

Blaster Mode

  1. Optic Beam. One Enemy. TYPE - Kenetic Ranged. Debuff - Flanked. Buff - Deadly Crits
  2. Empathic Force. Self. TYPE - Buff. Changes to Tactition Mode.
  3. Artic Blast. One Enemy. TYPE - Ranged Ice. Debuff - Chilled, Freezing. Buff - Exploit Chill
  4. Electrokineses. All Enemies. TYPE - Electric Ranged Energy. Debuff - Chain Lightning, Static Charge

Tactition Mode

  1.  Mind Overide. One Enemy. TYPE - Psychic. Debuff - Mind Control. Buff - Deadly Crits.
  2. Empathic Force. Self. TYPE - Buff. Changes to Generalist Mode
  3. Telekenetic Freeze. All Enemies. TYPE - Ranged Psychic. Debuff - Weak Mind, Stun(30% chance). Buff - Psychic Shield(All Allies), True Strike, Exploit Stun, Exploit Flying.
  4. Hex Fields. All Enemies. TYPE - Energy Ranged. Debuff - Hexed. Buff - Probability Field.

Team Up Bonuses

Bloodlust, Children of the Atom, Archne Arts, Avairy, Classy, Hot Stuff, Redheads, Tossers, Anything's Possiable.




  • Can't Stun Me - Immune to Stun
  • Old Power - Immune to Fire and Ground attacks


  1. Skaar Slash. One Enemy. TYPE - Slashing. Debuff - Cornered, Bleeding. Buff - Deadly Crits, Hulk Up
  2. Ask Earth itself. Self. TYPE - Buff. Buff - StoneWall, Hulk Up(x2)
  3. Strongest, Roughest, Angriest. All Enemies. TYPE - Melee. Debuff - Staggered, Exposed, Shield Breaker. Buff - Enraged,  Anger Unleashed.
  4. Hulk and Son. Self. TYPE - Hulk comes and uses Titanic Hurl. Debuff - Stun. Buff - Quick Action, One Use.

Team Up Bonuses

Gamma Gang, Ordained, Red in the ledger, Thunderbolts, The Hulky Family(Hulk and Skaar), Watch each others backs(Luke Cage and Skaar)

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