Hello this segment is my favirote yet. The Torch is one of my favirote heroes.


Passive - Imflamble

  • Electric, fire, and explosive attacks do not effect THE TORCH

Passive  - Andriod

  • Bleeding, internal bleeding, and ravaged do not effect THE TORCH

Move set

Move 1 - Rope burn. ONE ENEMY. DEBUFF - Burning. No buffs

Move 2 - Fired up. Self. Buff - robotic flame. Robotic flame causes debuffs of next attack on enemy last 2 times longer.

Move 3 - Fire bomb. all enemies. debuff - burning, stagered. buff - flame on

Move 4 - FIRE FLASH. one enemy. debuff - blinded. no buff.

Team up bonuses

Avairy, Hot stuff, Best coast, Tiny transistiors, War buddies, and Invaders.

this blog was fun and i hope you enjoyed it.

Note all rude comments will be ignored and will be filed to an admin. SO DON'T BE A JERK!!!!!!!! I worked hard on this blog and I will not accept rude comments like I get on my other blogs so thank you for reading this blog and not post complaints that are considerly rude.

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