welcome to my forth segment of A NEW HERO. I am glad to see you read the previous blog posts. This is a special blog for I will be doing 2 heroes today.


Daken is a brusier. He is the son of Wolverine. he could be earned by PvP


Son of Wolverine : gives Daken an extra attack if attack by a blaster or scrapper.

healing factor : heals 20 heath every round

murasmasa blade : bleeding causes double amount of damage

Move Set

Move 1 - slash 'n bash. one enemy. bleeding, ravaged. No boost.

Move 2 - dark wolverine. self. boost - tough guy, relentless

Move 3 - ravaging fury. all enemies. ravaged, stunned. no boost

Move 4 - dark x-man. one ally. boost - army of one

team-up bonuses

red in the ledger, dark x-men(Namor, Emma Frost, Daken), bloodlust, children of the atom, haste, dark avengers(skaar, daken, ares), son conterpart(skaar, daken).

Captian Mar-vell

captian mar-vell is a blaster changing class to brusier. he can be earned by spec ops


cosmic king : makes every move twice as strong


nega-bands : streghens allies attacks

blaster move set

move 1 - cosmic punch. one enemy. dazzed.

move 2 - cosmic change. self. changes class to brusier.

move 3 - awareness. all allies. cosmic kings boost.

move 4 - cosmic fire. all enemies. cosmic burn, burning. boost - true burn.

brusier move set

move 1 - skull smash. one enemy. internal bleeding

move 2 - cosmic change. self. changes class to blaster.

move 3 - flyin high. all enemies. dazzed, internal bleeding. boost - tough guy

move 4 - team player. all allies. boost - cosmic king

team-up bonuses

aviary, cosmicology, marvelous, proud to serve, the kree(ms. marvel, capt. mar-vell), captians(capt. america, capt. britian, capt. mar-vell)

Thank you for reading.

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