Hello and welcome to my newest blog post.

This one will be featuring Mystique and Patriot. I needed to get a Mystique moveset up so I could finish a different blog post.

Patriot - Tactnision


  • Patriotism. Patriot takes a second move in a row.


  1. Young Strike. One enemy. Debuff - dazed, internal bleeding. Buff - True Strike
  2. Pumble. One enemy. Debuff - dazed
  3. Be a leader. One Ally. Buff - Inspire Leadership, Combat Awereness
  4. Sacifice. Self. Buff - Tough Guy. Patriot takes all damage for 3 rounds.

Team-Up Bonuses

Young Avengers(Hulkling, Wiccan, Patriot), Haste, Newly Assembled

Mystique - Inflitratior


UnderCover - Mystique's chances to dogde are 3x's more likely


  1. Spy gun. One enemy. Debuff - bleeding
  2. Inflitrait. Self. Buff - Inflitriat(Mystique will get a second turn for 3 rounds)
  3. Brawl. One enemy. Debuff - none. Buff - Ignore Defence
  4. Poison. All enemies. Debuff - poison, internal bleeding, dark void.

Team-Up Bonuses

Brotherhood, Children of the Atom, Red in the Ledger, Redheads, Mother and Son(Nightcrawler and Mystique)


  • No rude comment or you will be reported to Potkettleblack or Mckrongs.
  • Mystique is the lockbox charater in A new spec ops 2: Mimicry

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