This is the 5th segment of a new hero. This also a special edition - Satana which has a high possibility in this game if a spec ops with Daimon Hellstorm. She is a infiltrator.


  • Flying - Immune to ground attacks

Move Set

  • Move 1 - Soul consumption. Debuffs - soul loss. Buffs - Soul link. One enemy.
  • Move 2 - Fire from hell. Debuffs - burning, soul fire. Buffs - none. All enemies
  • Move 3 - Self redemption. Buff - fired up. Self
  • Move 4 - Soul Burner. Debuff - soul fire. Buffs - none. One enemy

Team-Up Bonuses

Santana has the following team-up bonuses.

Aviary, Highway to Hell, Hot stuff, Red in the ledger, Thunderbolts, and hellions(daimon hellstorm and Satana).

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