I thought I'd keep a log for PVP Season 2 since all the cool kids are doing it. I'm not too obsessed with getting Cable (even though he's one of my more favourite Marvel characters) since we're supposedly going to be able to purchase him with CP after the tournament is over. So my goals are just to end up in Vibranium for that Scrapper suit. The bonus kind of sucks, but I figured I'd try to save myself 24 gold. (I'm still kicking myself over missing the Infiltrator armor from Season 1, which was actually good).

For the first few days I was running a team of:

FF Invisible Woman (Infiltrator), Modern Colossus (Scrapper), Generalist Agent. On the agent I equipped Quantum Jumper, Curative Reach, P.E.W. Eradicator, Laser Spotter. (alternatively, you can use Sudden Support + any 100% hitting weapon). I picked Eradicator incase I ran into any bruisers that were getting enraged from Colossus blocking all their attacks. (TIP: sudden support makes for really big heals since curative reach is based on attack.)

The general strategy (ideally) was on the first round to eliminate one of the opposing team members. It didn't really matter who, but high priority targets include anyone with strong AoE attacks (usually the agent, ran into a Thor that caught me off guard once, but he was the first Thor I ever saw), stealthy attackers, Scarlett Witch, Emma. Possibly Ghost Rider, since Sin never wears off, could be dangerous if he survives for a lot of rounds. Colossus's first turn should be used on Colossal Smash to apply slow (helps with IW's deadly crits). With the QJ and Colossus blocking attacks, it is pretty easy to end up with a 3v2 after the first round, and 98% of the time by the end of the second round.

Once you're in a 3v2 situation, you've pretty much won. At this point you can force cage one enemy, have Colossus just keep protecting, and it's 1v1 except your agent can heal and Colossus takes reduced damage from Steel Curtain. There is no single hero in the game that can do both, so you pretty much cannot lose. If Colossus or IW run low on stamina, just recharge on your QJ extra turns.

After that, it becomes a 3v1. I always play it safe and continue to cure / force cage / recharge so everyone is back to full health and stamina, all debuffs have worn off, and QJ is ready. Then instead of force cage have IW use force field. After that, with QJ, it's 4 turns vs. 1 turn for whoever is left.

If the opposing team has their own Colossus or a Captain America, you should force cage them as soon as you can- either have your agent use QJ to give IW a turn or on IW's first turn if she goes before your agent. If Colossus goes before IW or your agent, just have him use Colossal Smash. Then you can go after whoever you want.

A note about Human Torch, since even now I still run into him 1 out of 4 battles. With Scrapper Modern Colossus, he's pretty much worthless. Colossus is immune to burning, and he has no way to go around Steel Fortress / Curtain. As scrapper, he doesn't even get blaster bonus. With Fourth Field from IW, most attacks don't even reduce HP after his damage reduction. By the time Steel Fortress wears off HT will have lost his Flame On buff, which means he won't be regenerating HP and doesn't have an attack boost. So if you run into a team with him, you've basically already won since it's pretty much like starting off as a 3v2.

This works pretty well for offensive battles, I lost like 2-3 out of well over 30, with most of them being a result of poor turn order / unlucky P5 procs. The problem is that the AI has no idea what to do, and doesn't even come close to doing what you would do. I'd go to bed at like 1050 and come back having gone 0-6 with over 100 points lost. So it's an unviable AFK team. The fights would also take really long (I had more than one 10 minute fight).

I've been trying a different team right now, but it's rather ordinary. It's just easier to defend with that team. Right now L86, 1132, 2.4% with 47 attacks.

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