• Trin1

    Guide to defeating Vapor in 4.4

    December 21, 2012 by Trin1

    So it seems like there are quite a few people having trouble with the Vapor two-bird in 4.4 after 5-starring the mission. It's a popular fight because of PKB's very well written guide to farming CPs. I thought I'd write up a post with some tips  for the fight, since the page has well over 250 comments, which makes finding useful information for the fight difficult. There's also a lot of less useful information such as "just use Ghost Rider she is easy", which you won't find here. This last statement, while true (and is also how I usually do the fight), isn't very helpful because not everyone has Ghost Rider and provides zero insight into the actual fight.

    Just use Force Cage on Vapor. I know not everyone will read this entire post (it's pre…

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  • Trin1

    I haven't been playing much offensive PVP the past few weeks - mostly because of the recent holiday, but also because I'm not too focused on getting into Adamantium. My rating had steadily dropped the past few days until I'd fallen into gold, at which point I figured I'd just ignore PVP until the last week. However, I was recently inspired by this PKB post, particularly the section on turn advantage and thought I would try to construct a team centered around maximizing turn advantage.

    Turn advantage probably means different things to different people, but I interpret it as an action that will either (1) produce an extra "turn" for your team, or (2) take away one "turn" from your opponent. I've placed "turn" in quotes because I'm using the t…

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  • Trin1

    PVP Season 2 Journal

    November 19, 2012 by Trin1

    I thought I'd keep a log for PVP Season 2 since all the cool kids are doing it. I'm not too obsessed with getting Cable (even though he's one of my more favourite Marvel characters) since we're supposedly going to be able to purchase him with CP after the tournament is over. So my goals are just to end up in Vibranium for that Scrapper suit. The bonus kind of sucks, but I figured I'd try to save myself 24 gold. (I'm still kicking myself over missing the Infiltrator armor from Season 1, which was actually good).

    For the first few days I was running a team of:

    FF Invisible Woman (Infiltrator), Modern Colossus (Scrapper), Generalist Agent. On the agent I equipped Quantum Jumper, Curative Reach, P.E.W. Eradicator, Laser Spotter. (alternatively, …

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  • Trin1

    Changes in 11/13/12 Update

    November 13, 2012 by Trin1

    Thought I'd make a post containing all the hero and gear changes that happened when PVP season 2 was introduced since I couldn't find a page with it all centralized.

    • Mockingbird now has a limit of one extra turn she can get from tactical insight.
    • Emma Frost's diamond body no longer prevents debuffs. Only lowers damage received.
    • Black Panther's Panther Stance is now a quick action.
    • Dr. Strange has a new passive buff, Sorcerer Supreme. Makes some attacks quick actions and restores stamina. Also has a new uniform and class, Tactician.
    • Spider-Woman's Vengeance is now a quick action.
    • Captain America no longer has Lead the Charge. It's been replaced with a passive buff for a chance at damage reduction. Inspiring Leadership (for both teams, in PvP) wil…
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