This is my first blog, I hope it's useful to a few people. I know there's a few of these floating about around the wikia but after commenting around, I seem to have different opinions about a few characters so maybe I can offer a different perspective.

Seen as most people care more about PVP this will focus on PVP only.

Again these are my opinions only, if you disagree feel free to leave a comment on the page, tell me why, I might change my mind or alter it, I may not. Also I'm level 300 so I might not consider a hero as top tier for instance and he/she might dominate your meta (I see alot of people talking about HT and IW for instance) but if I never see them in my meta there's probably a good reason for that as more or less everyone at my level has every character.

Top Tier 

Iron Man (MK 42 Armour Only)

Iron Man is free, and for only 74 or 63 CP's respectively you can buy his MK 42 armour, BARGAIN! 

I recommend buying both whilst you can, a few days casual farming of 12.2 and they should be yours.

He is a general all around great character that is useful in nearly every situation 


  • Auto Targeting Interface -  gives 100% chance to hit and crit and gain true strike, one of the best passives in the game imo and it procs often
  • Flying - Not much to be said about this, pretty standard passive, has it's pro's and cons.
  • Advanced Shield Algorythm - Pretty decent shield that procs often.
  • Call for Backup - Another nice passive, doesn't have a high proc rate, but does decent damage and even procs on enemy turns

Top 3 Suggested Team Up's

P5 Emma Frost - Giving Iron Man Cosmic Power/Potential Unleashed is crazy, Unibeam goes from powerful to OP especially when it stacks and those deadly crits start kicking in. Also he places melt armour on the entire enemy team, a cosmic powered mental trauma is devastating when you have no defense.

Iron Patriot War Machine - These guys go hand in hand, all of their attacks and passives synergise well with each other. They both have attacks that ignore defense, they both place radiation exposure on the enemy, War Machine exploits radiation exposure, they both cause lock on increasing damage from ranged attacks which both of them rely on, in 1 round you could potentially cause Burning, 1x Bleeding, 3x Radiation exposure and whatever else your agent decides to throw at them, the list goes on.

Brown and Tan Wolverine - Wolverine Protects Iron man from dying early on (especially the tactician variant), Both characters ignore defense and iron man can remove shields for Wolverine, Iron Man places burning and a stack of bleeding on the entire team setting up both Iron Man's and Wolverines next attacks. Wolverine gets rid of protectors allowing Iron Man to focus his Unibeam on the biggest threat.

Most Vulnerable Against

Magneto, Shadowcat Kitty Pryde, Grey Suit Black Widow

Useful Agent Gear

Hard Nox, Coulsens Revenge, Army of One, Cosmic Flame, Radian Cannon, Dark Sigil, Touch of Flame and Shadow

Black Widow (Tactician Grey Suit Only)

Another free character, and only 45 CP's to upgrade to her Grey suit. Get her tactician variation, her infiltrator passive is alot weaker and requires setup to exploit. She can deal insane damage, all her attacks are stealthy and she counters everything with either a debuff or both a debuff and a counter attack. Her only problem is the lack of an AOE attack but because her attacks are stealthy you aren't wasting a turn against protecting phased characters and agents.


  • Revenge Tactics - Places marked for revenge on anyone that touches her regardless of them using underhand tactics like stealth and psychic, which increases damage dealt to them. Pretty nice debuff if you ask me.
  • Double Agent: Infiltrator - Makes all her attacks stealthy and counters non stealthy enemy attacks, brilliant passive taking her from mid tier to top tier, doesn't have to worry about protectors or getting knocked about by infiltrators.

Top 3 Suggested Team Up's

Psylocke - Her Mental Coordination sends Black Widow into overdrive, increasing all of her stats and giving her attack coordination that deals nice damage and places combo setup on targets. Black Widow's attacks are all single target attacks giving a higher chance for Mental Coordination to proc for the rest of the team.

Union Jack - His allied forces passive proc's like crazy (must be 80%+) which is great when Black Widow get's hit and she counter attack's, they can both remove buffs from the enemy team, Union Jack places Wide-Open on enemies which increases both his and Black Widow's damage output. Got a character that just won't die? No problem, use V for Victory on them giving them flanked then use Widowmaker on them and watch how Black Widow destroys them with 2 guranteed critical attacks (4 if they are a blaster!) They work well together in every way possible.

Blue Suit Quicksilver - He starts off first with 2 attacks, he can place combo setup on the entire enemy team which black widow synergises well with, she also places combo setup on the enemy with her counter attacks and her lvl 1 that Quicksilver exploits with his back from the future passive attack, not to mention they both stun enemies. 

Most Vulnerable Against

Kitty Pryde, Claws Black Cat, FF Invisible Woman, Brown and Tan Wolverine.

Useful Agent Gear

Techno Organic Endoskeleton, Coulson's Revenge, Face Punch, Adamantium Knuckles, Chakra Strike

Dr. Strange (Modern Suit Only)

Yet another cheap character at only 23 CP's with his modern alt's being a ridiculously small 21 and 32 CP's Respectively. 

Great addition to most PVP teams, he's one of the best supporting heroes and also deals nice damage aswell.


  • Sorcerer Supreme - Chance to gather Mystic Energy when an enemy attacks (In my experiance as far as I can remember this 'chance' is more like 100%.                                                                            Consumes 3 Mystic energy's to gain Power of the principalities. Basically giving him a free turn without making him exhausted, combine this with his tac suit and a blaster on the other team your looking at up to 4 moves in a round, NICE.
  • Mystic Energy - Restores stamina each turn. Extremely useful passive meaning not having to waste ISO boosting his stamina, instead focusing on other areas like Health and Attack. 
  • Defender - Allies have a chance to preemptively proc a shield. This procs OFTEN and every bit of damage wasted on bursting the shield is HP your team are saving, can be a lifesaver for exposed glass cannons. Bolts and Vapors now inflict Bane, basically increasing his damage output by a significant amount and anyone else that uses magic attacks for that matter, can't really complain there.

Top 3 Suggested Team Up's

Valkyrie - This team up should be pretty hard to defeat with Dr. Strange proc'ing shields all over the place and increasing everyones health whilst Valkyrie keeps everyone from dying with her Sacrificial Blessing and increasing everyones health when an enemy dies with Deathglow, He also places Bane on the entire enemy team which Valkyrie exploits with Deathglow. Valkyrie also helps Tactician Dr. Strange from getting pounded into oblivion from counter attacks with her Flight of Valkyrie attack.

Storm - Another team that should be hard to beat, Combined they have 3 Catastrophic AOE attacks, They both place damaging debuffs on the enemy and with Dr. Strange's shields and Terresing Boost combined with Storm's Protective Shroud reducing the damage of DOT's and giving a high chance to avoid single target attacks they make  it hard for anyone to take them down.

Scarlet Witch - Teresing Boost, Shield of the Seraphim,Chaos Shield and Hex Spheres should keep them alive long enough for Scarlet Witch to use her Probability Field, during the build up Scarlet Witches Arcane Blast benefits from bane and deals high damage.

Most Vulnerable Against

Kitty Pryde, Emma Frost, Wolverine, X-23, Black Cat, Psylocke, Black Knight, Rescue.

Useful Agent Gear

Custom Posessed Pistol, Dark Sigil, Sinister Scepter, Barrowguard.

Kitty Pryde (Infiltrator Shadowcat Only)

It seems CP's don't buy you power these days, Kitty costs 33 CP's and her alts costing 45 and 32 CP's respectively, the cheaper one being the better of the 2. Kitty has always been a bit of a secret force to be reckoned with, never being that popular in PVP until recently that is, more and more tacticians are being released and the huge popularity of the demon set and hotshot in particular makes Kitty a very smart choice.


  • Lockheed - 'Protected by a dragon friend', I guess he figured she didn't need protecting that much because he almost never proc's (10% according to the wiki), weak passive, when he finally does proc he only has a chance to cause burning on the target, lame, one of the worst passives in the game.
  • Strike From The Shadows - Begins the fight Phased (I will discuss this under the phased passive). Counters all attacks for the first few rounds of combat, NICE, basically the vast majority of characters can't hit her at all and she gets a free counter attack against them, even better still is this stacks with the infiltrator counter attack meaning if a tactician is stupid enough to attack her she gets 2 counter attacks against them and anyone else after them. Watch out for SOA users that can remove this.
  • Phased - Starts the fight phased, meaning very few can hit her, cannot be removed by anything other than her making an attack or if it runs out of turns, Her lockheed attack does not remove phased and its stealthy so use that to target a tactician on her first move, her sneak attack has deadly crits and deals extra damage when phased, basically garunteeing a 1 shot against anyone she manages to hit.

Top 3 Suggested Team Up's

Phoenix - Phoenix uses her Mind Link on Kitty Pryde, Kitty then procedes to dodge everything and counter with the added benefit of being focused for increased chances of Deadly Crits on her Sneak Attack.

Union Jack - Union Jack can place Wide-Open on any enemy increasing the damage of Kitty's attacks, his passive procs like crazy when the enemy targets Kitty Pride and his V for Victory gives Kitty 2 attacks per round on anyone she sets her sights on.

Psylocke - Psylocke's Mental Coordination increases Kitty's stats giving her increased chances of deadly crits with her sneak attack, all of Kitty's attack's are single target increasing the likelihood of a coordinated attack from her team mates and Psylocke can easily take out Emma Frost one of the very few characters that can damage Kitty while she is phased.

Most Vulnerable Against

Emma Frost, Psylocke, Magik, Phoenix, Omega Sentinal.

Useful Agent Gear

Coulsons Revenge, Custom Frag Bracer, Phoenix Pinion.

Nightcrawler (Swashbuckler Only)

Was probably the worst character ever before they buffed him, but look at him now! All his moves are stealthy like before but with his new swashbuckler outfit he inflicts bleed on every attack he performs, making him a decent choice to any bleed team. He costs 48 CP's and his swashbuckler outfits cost 45 and 32 CP's respectively. I personaly prefer his Infiltrator suit, combat reflexes is great when he protects and the added 35% damage he gets is a nice bonus, although his scrapper suit Isn't too bad 2 stacks of bleeding against an infiltrator is nothing to be sniffed at.


  • Noble Sacrifice - Basically he has a chance of protecting allies from single target and area atacks, you probably won't want to rely on him being your team protector but its nice when he blocks those area attacks.
  • Whiff of Brimstone - Chance to teleport away from attacks basically he dodges the attack and applies combo setup, which is a pretty nice debuff that many agent gear and heroes can exploit, it also means he cannot be cornered or be off balance.
  • Swashbuckler - Attacks now cause bleeding and ambush causes hemorrhaging, basically gives him synergy with more heroes and increases his damage output by stacking bleeding on the enemy, the hemorrhaging is nice for both classes of his alt suit.

Top 3 Suggested Team Up's

Brown and Tan Wolverine - Both heroes protect the party and they stack bleeding fast, Nightcrawler's lvl 1 causes hemorraghing, Wolverine exploits all the bleeding and gives them Ravaged. Even if the enemy agent has debuff removal, within a round, 2 of the enemy team will have a stack of Bleeding on them and Exposed while the remaining hero will have 3 stacks of Bleeding, Ravaged and Exposed and thats without the agent's input!

X-23 - Both of them can stack bleeding on the entire enemy team every round, they also both cause hemorraghing, X-23 can easily dispose of resurection heroes like Phoenix and Valkyrie, X-23 is also useful against an agent or hero with immunity to bleeding, Shred isn't anywhere near as good of a debuff but it's better than nothing and still counts as bleeding for the sake of Made For Walking. 

Blue Suit Quicksilver - Quicksilver can place combo setup on the entire enemy team every round that both him and Nightcrawler can exploit well, they can both stun the enemy and Quicksilvers Back from the Future deals even more damage than normal after Nightcrawler places exposed on the enemy team, Quicksilver takes less time to increase his damage output thanks to Nightcrawler.

Most Vulnerable Against

Wolverine, Mockingbird, Magik, Ghost Rider, Quicksilver, Union Jack.

Useful Agent Gear

Kuzuri, Sabretoths Claws, Momentum Generator, Heavy Sai, Cat's Claw, Custom Sword of the Barony, Custom Spitting Viper.

Phoenix (White Crown Only)

Resurection is all the rage (and has been since it was released). Phoenix is the Queen of resurection, she has Psychic Energy attacks so she can hit those pesky phased characters, bypass protectors and not proc Emma's Diamond passive. She can stun and last but by no means least she has her Phoenix fire which is catastrophic and at best with help from a few buffs can severly damage and kill the enemy team and at worst remove all their buffs, rid you of all your debuffs and reset her resurection powers. Again she's cheap at 48 CP's and 45 and 32 for her White Crown suits. I prefer her Blaster suit but she's decent in her Infiltrator suit aswell.


  • Flying - Immune to ground attacks, pretty standard passive. Nothing much to say here....
  • Death and Rebirth - Reserructs an ally to 25% health and increases the damage of phoenix's attacks, really nice passive that extends the life of your team and has won me the battle on countless occasions.
  • Mental Resilience - Chance to block Psychic attacks and takes less damage from Psychic attacks, Again a nice passive, especially for the blaster variant, Emma loves to Psychic tap Blaster Phoenix and this seems to proc often for me dodging the attack completely, if she does manage to hit, No big deal! the reduced damage allows you to carry on with your attacks if you desire without losing too much health in the process.
  • The Phoenix Force - Using Phoenix Fire reapplies death and rebirth on Phoenix, asif you needed any more excuse to use her, whenever she cranks out Phoenix Fire, your team becomes immortal again, this is what makes her white crown suit better than her P5 suit, she can save you multiple times!

Top 3 Suggested Team Up's

Anyone - Phoenix's Passive is so good she synergises with every character

Most Vulnerable Against

Black Widow, Hawkeye, Dr. Strange, War Machine, Quicksilver, Fantomex, X-23.

Useful Agent Gear

Inhibitor Dart Gun, Skullripper, Only For Killing, Cosmic Ray Bomb, Quantum Jumper, Magnetic Field Generator

War Machine (Iron Patriot Only)

War Machine is basically the new Thor, he can take out the entire enemy team pretty easily given half the chance,  48 cp's is cheap, if you don't have him get him ASAP, His alts are LE. 66 & 50 cp's each but deffinately worth it!  When you have completed spec ops, consider accepting some energy every day so you can farm 12.2 more, that way you should be able to buy both of his alts well before the time runs out.


  • Flying - Immune to ground attacks, pretty standard passive. Nothing much to say here....
  • Strategic Analysis - Chance to put Targeted on enemies when they attack, pretty nice passive that proc's often. This passive increases your entire teams damage, it has great synergy with every Hero (apart from Rescue?), especially heroes with deadly crit attacks.
  • Charged Capacitors - Increases damage of energy attack by 10% (per charge), increases War Machines charges every round up to a maximum of 3. All of War Machines attacks are Energy attacks. So basically he increases his attack every round by 10%.
  • Reactive Shield Charger - More or less the same as Iron Man's Advanced Shield Algorythm, with the exception that every time this procs it also gives War Machine an Energy Charge (Although I believe at the time of writing this is bugged and does not work). This shield Proc's often and keeps War Machine alive long enough to deal some heavy damage.

Top 3 Suggested Team Up's

Iron Man - These guys go hand in hand, all of their attacks and passives synergise well with each other. They both have attacks that ignore defense, they both place radiation exposure on the enemy, War Machine exploits radiation exposure, they both cause lock on increasing damage from ranged attacks which both of them rely on, in 1 round you could potentially cause Burning, 1x Bleeding, 3x Radiation exposure and whatever else your agent decides to throw at them, the list goes on.

Cable - 2 of Cables attacks are Energy Attacks exploiting all that Radiation Exposure, You can temporal shift Iron Patriot, use his 21 Gun Salute giving the entire enemy team 2 x Radiation Exposure then Cable uses his bodyslide and finally War Machine uses his Full Overcharge and then blasts out another 21 Gun salute this time giving the enemy another 3 stacks of Radiation Exposure. 5 Stacks of Radiation Exposure on the first round is no joke, If the enemy manages to survive that they then have to survive the Radiation Exposure damage. Meaning with a good turn order your more or less guranteed a victory.

Omega Sentinel - All of Omega Sentinels attacks are Energy attacks, again exploiting the Radiation Exposure, She also gets 2 turns per round, She can apply a variety of debuffs to the enemy whilst also applying a variety of buffs to your team, give War Machine Strengthened and the enemy Exposed and hit the Overcharged 21 Gun Salute for maximum round 1 carnage.

Most Vulnerable Against

Magneto, Kitty Pride, Black Widow

Useful Agent Gear

Coulsens Revenge, Cosmic Flame, Radian Cannon, Dark Sigil, Phoenix Flare, Disruption Field Array, Mahayuga, Wave Nullifier, Only For Killing, Energy Fist.


This Blog is a work in progress, I've probably made a ton of typos, it might not even make sense at some points, any sugestions are welcome and debate is encouraged, I'll try do atleast 1 hero a day but I have a 3 month old, finding time is hard. Thanks for reading.

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