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  • Triggz88

    PVP Season 8

    May 23, 2013 by Triggz88

    Agent Level: 300

    Current Rating: 1319 (Top 0.33%)

    Highest Rating: 1335

    Current League: Adamantium

    Current Rank: 3131st

    Highest Rank: 367th

    Number of Battles: 219

    Current Agent Setup:

    Bruiser Power Armour

    7 x Level 300 Reactive Stoics

    1 x Level 300 Reactive Stalwart


    Hard Nox


    Scroll of Oziroch

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  • Triggz88

    This is my first blog, I hope it's useful to a few people. I know there's a few of these floating about around the wikia but after commenting around, I seem to have different opinions about a few characters so maybe I can offer a different perspective.

    Seen as most people care more about PVP this will focus on PVP only.

    Again these are my opinions only, if you disagree feel free to leave a comment on the page, tell me why, I might change my mind or alter it, I may not. Also I'm level 300 so I might not consider a hero as top tier for instance and he/she might dominate your meta (I see alot of people talking about HT and IW for instance) but if I never see them in my meta there's probably a good reason for that as more or less everyone at my …

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