I'm really into the tactics that come along with PVP. I see many strategies going around now that many characters are viable with the latests updates. I feel that PVP has earned its place in the game now that you can't just win by having the latest overpowered character or exploiting some glitch in the system. The balance changes and the constant updates keep everything fresh and exciting. This is a good direction for the game in general, but I feel PVP has benifited the most.

Due to this drastic change in PVP I feel inspired to write about my experience in PVP and how I've made it to Adamantium league multiple times with being a free-to-play only player. Along with that, I would like to disscuss team synergy, character exploits and tactics. Hopefully this will help some players break through the barriers in PVP and get to the league they are aiming for.

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