• Tony.pham.54922

    I need some help

    February 5, 2014 by Tony.pham.54922

    Well, I just begin play another account after a long time, so I have a few question although I was visit some wiki  . I hope you will answer it :D

    At first, My agent lv 13 and I don't want to rush my agent to 4.4 and farm CP in this mission this time

    1.  I just buy cyclop. I want to be strong in next tournament . So  I thing I have two option : buy dr strange tac or human tourch bru . What do you suggest I buy , and which hero should I buy next to combine with it ?

    2. Could you tell me which hero is much more value than it cost this time ?? I just know about cyclop, dr strange, HT, colossus.

    Thanks for your answer :D

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