I haven't seen this strategy on the wiki, apologies if its already been posted. This is a very easy, cheap item-reliant strategy for beating and farming Dormammu (spec ops 4). The best thing is you will already have the heroes needed.

Heroes needed: Quicksilver, Hercules, Agent

Herc needs to be at least level 2, to use Gift of Battle.

Quicksilver uses Flame Suppressant to resist Stare of the Abyss and Burning

Quicksilver uses a Strike Patch on Herc to Strengthen him

Agent uses a Focus Patch on Herc to Focus him

Herc uses Panktration Pummel to Fortify himself

Mindless ones attack, Dormy class changes and buffs himself

Quicksilver applies an Evasion Patch to Herc to make him Agile

Quicksilver applies a Revenge Strike or Counter Strike to Herc (optional) to make him more powerful

Herc now has Blessing of Olympus. Use Gift of Battle and he will counter attack landing 2000-3000 damage in a hit.

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