This is it, dear Wikia users: I quit the game.

I have started playing over a year and a half ago (just before spec ops 1), and have been obsessed with this game ever since, but lately, it was more work than fun. I have been feeling it for a while and it became crystal clear when I picked up another game (fire emblem on 3DS > excellent!) and was surpised at how much fun I was having...

The best/worst thing to happen to me was to discover this wiki about a year ago:

  • I was not alone anymore: other grown-ups were also spending hours every day grinding CPs to buy alternate PJs for their favourite superhero. It made me feel a whole lot better wasting my time knowing that there are lots of others like me
  • I learned to play more efficiently, so I had fun with this game much longer than I would have otherwise. Without the CP farming blog from PKB, I would probably have failed miserably again at spec ops 4 and might have stopped playing back then!
  • I spent hours discussing odds and strategies with like-minded geeks
  • I even got praise for spending hours computing probabilities for the various lotteries introduced in the game over the past year (I admit it, I got a small adrenalin spike everytime someone left a comment on my blogs...)

I do not think I will miss the game much, but I will miss hanging out on this wiki every day!

Special thanks and good byes to:

  • PKB: your blogs were an inspiration. Applying your powers of reasoning (and a little bit of info from code diving) to all aspects of the game, and spending so much time helping others (despite the gruffy tone).
  • Scarlett: you brought fun back to the wiki
  • Techparadox: I loved your daily blogs on PVP
  • OmarPFG: keep the blog posts coming. They are funny and well illustrated.
  • Docbobm: always the nicest guy on the wiki
  • TheRavenHeart, Silverscale, Ascendedevincar, Regulus and all other regular users with whom I had many a productive debate
  • Jakobcoopa: actually, I owe you an apology,as I will not provide any data for your test (I have not even started the latest spec ops)

I will hang around a couple more days to see if there are questions about my latest calculations and then I will also quit visiting the wiki. PKB knows how to contact me if there is more math to be done (I just enjoy that part).

one last thing: if you have not read it, have a look at this article from

It did not stop me from playing when I read it, but it is always good to understand the methods used by companies to make you addicted to their producst. All 5 methods listed above fit MAA perfectly...

This is it: I quit the game.

Titeuf24 (aka Christophe).

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