Since my wife hates the game, I have no one home to share my joys and pains from the last PVP season, and I thought I would just dump my thoughts on a blog, in the hope that other addicts like myself might smile, laugh and commiserate...

To finish this intro, I should let you know that I am a level 155 player who made it to Vibranium for the 1st time last season (after a series of diamond finish).

Little adrenaline rushes

For all the (numerous) problems with PVP, this is still the part of the game that is the most exciting. I rarely get carried away or scared in PVE, but in PVP, there are lots of moments when my heart beats a little faster, usually while waiting to see...

  • ...the bonus of the next opponent. The little suspense before the stats appear, the feeling of confidence if the stats are not too far above your own, the little feeling of fear but anticipation of the challenge when you fight an overpowered opponent.
  • ...the team of the opponent. who will have the class advantage? As your mind rushes to see if your CB advantage over Wolvie is more or less advantageous than his Wolvie vs your infiltrator agent. Are there some of your favourite / most hated opponents?
  • ...the turn order. I don't know about other players, but I rely quite a bit on stuns and DOTs, so turn order is very, very relevant and often makes the difference between victory and defeat in the very hard fights.
  • ...if an ability is processing. as I said, I play with stun a lot, but most stun attacks have a probability of not stunning the opponent, which messes up the strategy. With CB it is even worse, as you are waiting to see if he stuns anyone, who he stuns and if his Merlin's gift will activate. Same thing on the other side: any fight against P5 Emma is stressful, as you wait to see if her cosmic power will proc, or if her diamond body will stun,

These moments are often more exciting than the fight itself, but there are other good feelings to be had.

Most gratifying moments

The moments described above are exciting, but not necessarily positive. But every now and then, PVP can be truly rewarding:

  • when you defeat an overpowered opponent through perfect planning. You've thought out the entire fight in your head, and it goes down exactly as planned, as you finally rip Emma Frost apart with a Black Widow flying kick!
  • when you have only little time for PVP and do a perfect series of five offensive victories to get the daily bonus
  • when the daily bonus is a good one (PVP, gold...)
  • when you wake up in the morning and your rating has not gone down by -100 as usual, due to a good AFK win ratio
  • and of course, when the tournament ends and you are in the league you were aiming for!

Most ridiculous wins of the tournament

I had 2 ridiculous wins, where I should clearly have lost if not for some hilariously poor AI choices:

  • My BW is alone. Her health is almost entirely gone and she has no stamina left. On the other side remains only a 3/4 dead mod DS, who is inflicted by burning and dark void. DS' turn: he only needs to attack me with anything and I have lost. What does he do: Seraphim shield. I recharge, and he dies from the DOTs on his next round.
  • Agent against agent, the fight turns ugly. The AI is up. Any attack and I am toast. What does he do...quantum jumper, of course. He wastes his turn and I kill him.

Most frustrating losses of the tournament

We all know the theroy about how the proc rates are different for the AI to compensate his mindblowing stupidity (see above). Well, here are a couple of examples when pure bad luck made me want to throw my computer out the window...

  • the opponent fielded P5 phenix and P5 Emma. The fight is going well, the win looks easy. I kill phenix with BW a 1st time, but on my second hit, she dodges. No problem, she has enough DOTs to kill her anyway when her round is up. Except that cosmic power procs. Phenix fire: aouch! But I can still make it. Now her Emma is up. Cosmic power, AoE attack...all the team dead.
  • 24 hours before end of the tournament, defending my Vibranium ranking. 4 fights in a row, I get an overbonused opponent. 3 out fo those 4 fights, the opponent's entire team goes first. I watch my team get shredded 4 times in a row, completely helpless...
  • a highly bonused mod Thor goes first. Cosmic power procs. He kills my entire team in one shot. Depressing.
  • One that happened more than once: CB goes first for the opponent. He stuns my entire team, and merlin's gift procs. He finishes off my Wolvie. By the time I actually get a turn, only my BW is standing, with about 10% health left.
  • Psylocke / CB combo. Psylocke goes first, with Mental coordination. The ennemy agent attacks. Both Psy and CB hit my poor Wolvie, who dies. CB's gift procs again (I find it amazing that it can proc when it is not even his turn). He stuns the rest of my team. Never got to play...
  • A crazy B&T Wolvie murders my entire team by utterly refusing to die (despite me "killing" him 3 times), while countering every attack and getting 2 extra turns...unstoppable.

I think this section could go on all day, proving once again that what sticks in your memories are teh "unfair" moments, while the lucky moments are quickly forgotten...

Post tournament Facepalm

After the tournament, I start the research for the power armor (which is cheap and short). When the research is over, I go to the store and buy the armor for 100T silver. A little steep, but I just won that money in the tourney, so why not.

I go to my inventory and see...2 power armors. Completing the research gives you one armor. 100T wasted, on the day they announce the new Isos!


This post is too long. Thx to anyone who might have read the whole thing.

I really enjoyed the season 5, due to the nice result for me, but also due to variety of opposing teams. Apart from the very end (CB all around), there were a lot more teams than previously.

It really seemed like Psylocke was meant as a counter-Emma, while Wolvie became an anti-Psylocke, before they introduced CB as a Wolvie-deterrent. What will be the next CB-counter from PD? (unless they just nerf him of course).

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