I know this arguement has been going on forever but first of all, let me say that, I think that Mocking Bird being released for CP even for limited time is little unfair to older players who fought very hard and rightfully earned her. But I also think that it is fair to release her now, cause they all had more than 6 months to play with her, dominate PVP areas, while all others like me who joined later, didn't even had a chance to get her and had no choice but to salivate and wince whenever faced against her.

I think PD should have brought back Spec- op 1 once more, with a little tweaks here and there, offcourse. I think they couldn't because the first spec op was really hard and totally different but now they have a kind of different MO for spec ops. What with 25 tasks, 3 starring, recruitments and so on. So in order for PD to re-release spec op 1, they have to start from the scratch. With new heroes and alternate costumes due to come out and revamping the old ones to make them more useful, not to mention preparing for new spec op 5 and chapter 10, I don't think they have a whole lot of time to divulge into that.

So anyway these are my thoughts. I don't want people to come here and start the fight all over again. The reason I started this blog was because I am curious to how many of you are planning to recruit her? And if you are, why? I know it's kinda presumptious of me to start this as it is still an hour half before she is released and we don't even know how much she's going to cost but I have to do something with my time.

Me? After all things being said, I am going to buy her at all cost, if for nothing else than because she's like a itch I never got to scratch. How about you guys? I wonder how many players were playing at the time of spec op 1 and how many of them got to get MB. Thoughts?

Okay Mocking Bird is here and now we know she costs 200 cp. I still got her and think she's worth every damn cp points. I finally got to scratch that itch and man 'm tellin you, it feels absolutely euphoric. Still I wonder, how many people will buy her? But I do hope this 200 cp doesn't become a trend. It seems once a price goes up, it never comes down.

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