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  • TimGunn

    These are my thoughts on how to best maximize your score mulitpliers in the Apocalypse Special Ops.

    Note, I am assuming that the bonuses do not stack.  Meaning, if you bring three mutants you only get the Children of the Atom bonus once (for 50 points), not three times.  I am also assuming that you cannot play as the 4 horsemen characters in Mission 3.  

    Mission 2

    London - team-up: Iceman

    • No Agent - max of 9 fifty point bonuses
      • Iceman / Angel / Human Torch
    • With Agent - max of 6 fifty point bonuses
      • Iceman / Angel / Agent 

    San Francisco - team up: X-23

    • No Agent - max of 7 fifty point bonuses
      • X-23 / Hawkeye / Mockingbird
      • X-23 / Hawkeye / Black Widow
      • X-23 / Quicksilver / Scarlet Witch
    • With Agent - max of 3 fifty point bonuses
      • X-23 / Sabretooth / Agent


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