Dear reader,

This piece is written for people who cannot get out of silver/gold ranking in PVP (Player vs Player).

I have found that there is a lot of information and for a beginner it’s hard to see what is important, especially if you are not paying for gold to get an extra edge in PVP.

I have linked to user blogs about some of the subjects, but I try to mention the most important notes.

ð  What is important?

The main things that are important in a PVP fight are: 

1.      Amount of heroes

2.      Hero levels

3.      Armory bonus

4.      Agent gear

5.      Using Isotope-8 / ISO-8

6.      Tactics* 

I will give you advice on how to go on and improve all of these points, but first things first. 

ð  What should I save up for? 

Gold is the most important thing, because only gold can open up the following things.

Xobai made a good guide for gold spending.

The most important bonuses gold opens are:

-        Extra armory pages before you are level 150, they cost 20 gold each (without an increase)

-        If you do not have enough heroes or CP to finish all the tasks in Special Operations you can use gold to skip tasks so you get a high value SO-Hero.

-        Limited Edition items from the store for the armory pages

-        Strong gear from the store for the Agent

-        Buying Lockboxes (LB) 

ð  Getting gold 

Getting Gold is easy, but rare:

-        Level up gets you 1 gold (max level = 300)

-        Daily spin roulette refreshes daily at noon 12:00 CET (GMT+1)

-        Completing tasks in season 2, but we need a lot of CP for that

-        Free stuff !

-        More information at

I do not recommend spending gold on roulettes, flight decks or any other thing then I just mentioned. Some would say it is wise to save up gold for Lockboxes too, because sometimes you are just not able to collect those 10 covers needed for a Lockbox-hero. It is strongly recommended to open 10 Lockboxes at a time. So save up those lockboxes until you have 10 and don’t open them one-at-a-time.

ð  Getting heroes

To buy heroes we need Command Points, CP. CP can be raised in numerous ways:

-        You get 1 CP for 5-starring a mission in Season 1 and 1 gold for 4-starring a mission

-        You can get them from the roulettes

-        Beating a mission boss gives you a roulette of 1, 3 or 5 CP

-        Beating an Epic Boss will give you a second roulette for 3, 5 or 10 CP

Obviously the best place to get our CP would be an Epic Boss , because its only 10 more energy after a Boss.

ð  How to get CP to get heroes (more information at: farming by PKB)

To farm for CP you do not need to use Challenge Mode, Normal Mode gives the same chances at the roulettes. Therefor it is unwise to get 5 stars at the following missions. Once you 5-star a mission you can only run it on Challenge Mode.

The best place to start is Season1 Chapter1 Mission1 (1.1):

-        30 energy to gain 1, 3 or 5 CP from Viper

-        If you are already past this chapter go to 2.3 or 4.4

The first Epic Boss we encounter is Elektra in S1C2M3 (2.3):

-        90 Energy if both the Boss and the Mini Boss are defeated together

-        Need a scrapper hero and Black Cat (23 CP)

-        If you are already past this chapter go to 4.4

One of the best places to farm is S1C4M4 (4.4):

-        70 Energy if you defeat the Boss + Mini Boss together

-        Need a scrapper hero and Storm (48 CP)

-        This is the best one because on average the energy/cp drop rate is the best for lower level players

-        To unlock 4.4 you need to have at least 7 heroes, finished chapter 3.5 and gained 25 mastery stars

After 4.4 the next best one would be S1C12M2 (12.2):

-        20 Energy if you defeat the Boss + Mini Boss together

-        Need Kitty Pryde (Shadow Cat) and Captain America to unlock the Epic Boss

-        To unlock chapter 12 you need to have at least 30 Heroes, finished chapter 11.5 and gained 177 chapter mastery stars

-        It is best to have at least 15 heroes at level 10 at this point

ð  So I have CP, how do I spend it?

Since we all start with Black Widow, Hawkeye and Iron Man, I suggest getting a scrapper and Black Cat or Storm first to get more heroes faster by farming, as described above. If you already unlocked an Epic Boss I suggest getting 15 CP heroes first, like Invisible Woman, Cyclops and She-Hulk . If you already have those you might be interested in some tips:

-        Hawkeye (Tactician) his alternative suit is only 27 CP

-        Cyclops (Tactician) is especially good for PVP

-        Recommended heroes at lower costs are heroes with healing abilities, like:

Human Torch , Dr. Strange, Iron Fist & Ms. Marvel

If we look at a bit more expensive heroes (Thor , Wolverine , Captain America, Scarlet Witch ) you will see that a cheaper hero, like War Machine , Phoenix or Nightcrawler can be bought, including the alternate suit for almost the same price. Therefor I suggest getting a ~48 CP hero and his alternate suit before getting expensive heroes.

Besides that, not all 135 CP heroes are very good for PVP, but most of the 200 CP (limited edition) heroes are good. A new hero in the game is usually strong.

ð  Levelling up Heroes

The trick is to level up your heroes more than your Agent. Why? Because in PVP you will always play people around your level and if you level up faster than someone that does not, it means you have had less time to level up the heroes using the flight deck. So you opponents will have higher level heroes and thus more hero bonus. But also more daily spins, so it’s highly likely they have more gold/cp/gear/heroes. That’s why it can wise to park your agent (by BrainYak)

Heroes level up by:

-        Playing story mode (PVE)

-        Attacking in PVP will get your heroes 100 XP for each win (defending gives no XP bonus)

Regular story mode is best used in combination with gear called Power of Four (Po4):

-        War Machine will unlock S1C5M6 (Premium Mission 5.6), which drops an unique item called the Power of Four (Po4)

-        This item will help you level heroes and gain chapters without leveling up the Agent a lot, because the Agent would be killing himself and gain less experience points.

Using the Flight Deck to send heroes away on a mission:

-        The best way would be to send heroes every 20 minutes, because 10 minutes is too short an interval to keep up with. And I know 20 XP does not sound like much, but there is a lot of 20 minutes in a day.

-        You can also upgrade these flights, you will get more silver which you need to train your heroes, the exact costs can be found here:

To train heroes we also need SHIELD Points and for that we definitely need allies.

ð  Getting allies / silver / shield points

I suggest going to the official page: where free stuff is given away and where you can ADD ALLIES. FREE STUFF LINKS are refreshed every two weeks! 

Under the posts on their page there will be people screaming to be added. You can add them and invite them as allies on the top of the page (above the player). For even more allies I suggest this page: 

Inside of the player at the bottom left of the flight deck screen we can also VISIT ALLIES. That will give us silver, shield points and some other (in the beginning) useful attributes. 

You can delete someone from your Facebook account after adding them as an ally; They will stay connected inside of the game.

ð  Armory Bonus

The armory consists of 5 pages. The first one is already open.

-        The second one opens up at level 25

-        The third at level 60

-        The fourth at level 100

-        The fifth at level 150 

To be a competitor for Adamantium I suggest to save up 40 gold so you can open the fourth and fifth page at level 60. 

The higher your Agent level, the bigger the bonus will become. You can see the current bonus you are getting by going into the PVP section and looking under the tournament menu at PVP BONUS.

You should always be able to beat someone if they have about the same armory+hero bonus.  With the right PVP setup you can beat people with 150% of your armory bonus.

PVP is a deathmatch. The last man standing wins so personally I go for a bigger defensive bonus. It increases healing, shielding, health and stamina.

Mystical Munition is a good armory item for starters, because it is available from allies.

Special Operations is a good place to find Limited Edition Items. Some tasks will also give you research so you can buy these items in the store.

ð  Equipping the Agent with Gear 

You are not going to need to spend gold on opening up extra slots for gear. Hardly anybody does that because it is very expensive and you open up those slots soon enough.

Gold is best spent on stronger weapons and more/better armory pages. As a player that does not pay it can be difficult to get good gear. You might want a better armory bonus, but be very careful with selling and slotting gear with a high PVP bonus. It would be better to buy Limited Edition Items than slotting gear. You never know when you might want to use it for a tactic.

Special Operations usually give you tasks to get good gear and Limited Edition Items

The gear you use makes all the difference. It can make a strong team stronger, or a weak team survive. Which gear you use exactly depends on a number of things:

-        The class of your agent and the heroes (assuming you want to use your best uniform)

-        Which gear you have acquired or can acquire

-        Which heroes are strong enough to play PVP

-        How to strengthen your heroes without useless stacking

I recommend using 1 gear slot for:

-        strong attack or damage over time/debuff enemies

-        counter/follow-up attack or damage over time/debuff enemies

-        strong attack or extra turns/buff

-        buff/healing/shields

Popular gear includes mostly gear from Special Operations, Golden Gear, gear from Epic Boss and Boss drops and healing gear. I know there is a lot of awesome gear out there, but I only want to name gear that is possible to get at anytime. Some examples:

-        Heavy Sai and different Tonfa's for counter-attacks

-        Momentum Generator for extra damage for unarmed attacks

-       Magnetic Field Generator for shields and extra turns

ð  ISO-8 ( Isotope )

In the game we can add bonuses to our heroes using special ISO crystals we find, research and buy. You need to research the weaker crystals to get to the stronger ones. 

My own recommendation is to ISO each hero with at least 1 crystal for defense, 1 for accuracy and 1 for attack.

-        Defensive for the increased survival rate.

-        Accuracy for the increased chance of critical hits

-        Attack for increased damage output/healing output 

Evasion, Stamina and Health are the least important ones for most heroes, but it definitely depends on the base statistics of each hero. A lot of people use the ISO schedule made by PotKettleBlackPotKettleBlack :

Personally I did not use his schedule, but I try on error and see what works best. Some need more Stamina, some need more Defense and some thrive by getting more Attack/Accuracy.

A main rule of thumb is the yellow bars you see when you hover over a hero in the team screen, getting those all on 4-5 stars makes a lot of difference.

ð  PVP team setup and tactics

With so many heroes to choose from, you can bet on it not every hero is suitable for PVP. It really depends on the heroes you are up against. Experience players call that your "meta".

Some heroes are just no competition, because they are weak in the attack or defense stats and need to be revamped. Some examples are: Luke Cage, Spiderman, Spider-Woman, DareDevil, The Thing, Gambit, Wasp, Constrictor 

There are certain aspects to tactics we need to keep in regard when assembling a team:

-        Psychic / Subtle / Stealthy

-        Stun / Incapacitation  

-        Extra turns

-        Debuff / Damage over Time

-        Follow-up and Counter-attacks

-        Buff

-        Healing

ð  Damage over Time / Debuff

In any case I have learned that using Damage over Time (DoT/Debuff) effects are only useful if your team can apply 3 different ones. The best ones in my opinion are

-        Bleeding needs stacking so at least 2 heroes should apply bleeding. Asguardians and Colossus are not immune to bleeding. Only Luke Cage is immune to bleeding.

-        Poison /biofeedback reduce attack power by 10%, but Wasp and Spider-Woman are not so strong so the only viable PVP hero that causes Poison is Omega Sentinel .

-        Soulfire removes buffs, but does not prevent them. Plenty of strong heroes use this

-        ISO-8 corruption is hard to come by. Red Hulk can do it (10% chance using Gamma Bomb) and so can Scarlet Witch (2% chance using Probability Field)

ð  Extra Turns

Extra turns always come in handy. Some heroes get extra turns anyway, like Quicksilver, She-Hulk, Rescue and Omega Sentinel . 

Others can get extra turns from buffs, like Kree Speed for Rogue and Ms. Marvel. Because of all the debuff attacks that go around in PVP these characters have become practically obsolete. It is possible to prevent a buff being removed with certain gear, but the AI will never do it right. 

Some heroes give other heroes extra turns like Psylocke and Angel, other heroes like Cyclops, Union Jack and Elektra give the Flanked debuff to an opponent giving single-target attacks a follow-up attack. But you can also use Agent gear like Magnetic Field Generator (From Epic Boss Magneto ), Quantum Jumper (store ) and Shepherd’s Staff (need blueprint) to give extra turns to your team.

Team-Up Buffs like Avengers Assemble are definitely an easy way to get stronger.

ð  Stun or Incapacitation

The worst debuff to get on your team is probably Stun or Incapacitation, because they makes dodging less likely, prevents protect and counter-attacks effects and of course your hero loses a turn.

-        Juggernaut and Magneto are immune to Stun or Incapacitation and Psylocke can prevent it with her Kinetic Shield. The only gear for the Agent that prevents stun is Montrosity and Deflector Fist

-        Red Hulk, Vision, Cyclops and Constrictor can cause Incapacitation

-        There are a lot of heroes and gear that can apply stun

Here are the ins and outs on Psychic Attack, Subtle abilities and Stealthy attacks:

-        You do not get counter-attacked and it does not trigger status effects

-        A different target cannot protect it

-        Cable, Phoenix and Colossus have a chance to block Psychic Attacks

-        Elektra and Wonder Man can give the Hobbled debuff preventing psychic attacks

-        Psylocke preemptively counters all psychic attacks 

-        Cable, Emma Frost, Ghost Rider, Phoenix and Psylocke use a Psychic Attack / Psychic Energy attack

-        Here is a list of heroes that use Stealthy attacks

-        List of gear and heroes that use Subtleabilities (Not all of these abilities cause damage)

Bishop, Beast, Black Widow, Constrictor, Daimon, Hawkeye, Invisible Woman, Mockingbird, Omega Sentinel, Rescue and Scarlet Witch

-        You can use Combat Reflexes to make attacks Stealthy (only for Infiltrators versus Tacticians)

-        Daimon Hellstrom can give others Stealthy attacks and Phoenix Five Phoenix passive ability can give others Psychic Energy Attacks. Daimon Hellstrom his Skittering Darkness ability is the best evasive ability in the game.

ð  Counter and Follow-up attacks

If you go for a counter-attack strategy it is better to have two heroes that are able to counter-attack, unless you use Cyclops which gives Combat Awareness through his L6 (Quick Action ).

Heroes with (pre-emptive) counter-attack abilities include: Quicksilver , Psylocke , Grey Widow (with alternative suit Grey Widow), Cyclops , Union Jack

ð  Healing

If one of your heroes has healing abilities, I strongly suggest you still use at least 1 piece of healing gear, so the Artificial Intelligence (AI) that defends when you are away has 2 moves that will heal/debuff your team.

Heroes with healing/shielding/reviving abilities: 

Rescue (construct matrix/status reset), Iron Fist (healing chi), Dr. Strange (teresing boost/light of the Seraphim), Valkyrie (sacrificial blessing), Phoenix (phoenix fire), Scarlet Witch (chaotic shield/probability field), Bishop (accelerated healing), Angel (impositio manus).

**Alternative Suits Still Under Construction**

**Tactics Still Under Construction**

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