• Thystan

    Dear reader,

    This piece is written for people who cannot get out of silver/gold ranking in PVP (Player vs Player).

    I have found that there is a lot of information and for a beginner it’s hard to see what is important, especially if you are not paying for gold to get an extra edge in PVP.

    I have linked to user blogs about some of the subjects, but I try to mention the most important notes.

    ð  What is important?

    The main things that are important in a PVP fight are: 

    1.      Amount of heroes

    2.      Hero levels

    3.      Armory bonus

    4.      Agent gear

    5.      Using Isotope-8 / ISO-8

    6.      Tactics* 

    I will give you advice on how to go on and improve all of these points, but first things first. 

    ð  What should I save up for? 

    Gold is the most important thing, beca…

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