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Having Failure with your PvP teams? Don't know where to go? Ragequitting? Look no further, for today, I will present you with a few ideas on teams. In this post, I will present you with a one of My team ideas. More to come later. But, if you would like me to look over your team and give suggestions, just post your teams information in the comments.

Team 1: Dancing Babe y Groot or Shall We Dance?

Spiral Dialogue 1

Typically, starting cooldowns on moves are rather pesky. In this team, however, we take advantage of Groot's Power Move being Cooled Down by setting up the move in the exact amount of time it is cooled down. This team requires a few things:

1. A Spiral at least L6. It Is recommended you have her to 8 so you can have an Ai8, but it is not necessary.

2. You will need her Ei8 from the 2.5.5 Heroic Battle, or else she doesn't set up in time.

3. The Agent's job is mainly to heal Groot in this team. Therefore, make sure to carry 1-2 healing items, such as Cube or Asklepios.

4. As a back-up source for Spiral, Make sure the Agent can help with the Buffs/Debuffs needed. I like to use a Gaunt Caress/Ex Oblivione for Pressure Points and the Guardian Insignia(which is nice if you have GooG Groot) for Rising Up.

5. Your Groot should be at least 9. He should also have the Erupting Ai8 on his L9 to hit pesky Flying Characters. Though his L6 negates Flying, it is a Single-Target Move, and not as effective.

Battle Strategy

Groot Dialogue 1

Many common opponents at higher levels(I am 287) are Iron Fist ad Quicksilver. Both of these heroes become MUCH easier to beat when hit by Groot's L2. This should be the first thing you do with Groot, Negate those heroes and set up Thorns. With SPiral, use Fandango. This gives everyone debuffs and buffs. ON the Agent's Turn, he should only use the GI if Opponent removed buffs/debuffs. Use GI and EO as needed. Cube is a great addition because it heals and deals disoriented.

ON R2, Groot should focus on still building up Thorns. Bu this time, instead of using L1, use L6, b/c of follow-up with Thorns since enemy has Paragon Debuffs. Spiral should now use Fouette since it gives Epiphany(and a 2nd round of disoriented). Agent should do things as needed.

R3, pretty Self-explanatory. I AM GROOT!!!

Team 2: Psychiatric Quakes

Gorgon Dialogue 1 Gorgon is a hero with a lot of potential. One thing is a problem though: He mostly uses Ground attacks, and even with the Erupting Ai8, there are better or more fun choices. To fix this, a teammate who can let him hit flying opponents would be helpful. Enter Moonstone. Being looked down upon by many, she has a chance to prove herself. Her 3rd move has it all: Heavy, Exhausted, and Gravity Well. Yeah, that's all Gorgon needs. But there's more than that...

1. Moonstone should have her Ei8 from the HB. This will let her counter attack made by enemies with what? Thats right, Intimidated. Snappy Service is a great 2nd Ei8. Ai8 should have Pressurized on L1.

2. Gorgon should be Gorgon. Iso how you wish.

3. Uterpendragon for agent as well as other Finest hour and paragon weapons. Moonstone Dialogue 1

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