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Good Day to you, With this post, I am going to post my Top 10 PvP teams which include only characters that cost less than 90 cp. Please note, this post is posted on September 26, 2014, and some heroes may be updated and change the teams in this post. I will be updating this post if that happens.

Team 1: Knuckle-Up

Luke Cage-ModernNightcrawler-Classic

Heroes: Luke Cage and Nightcrawler

Cost: 71 CP

Explanation: Both of these characters have something in common: Combo Setup and Exploit Combo Setup. Both of them also have protects, so the Agent can survive longer and play support. As well, both heroes deal impressive damage, and with both protecting, the enemy cannot hit who they want to hit most of the time. NC is always stealthy on all attacks, bypassing protects and counters. Luke has a Ground attack with a special unremovable DOT, as well as dealing OHKOs with his L2 move. With protecting, Combos, and Followups/Counters, this team is definitely one to consider.

Team 2: The Fast and the Furious


Heroes: Quicksilver and She-Hulk

Cost: 63 cps

Explanation: Quicksilver gets two turns, has a very, VERY high chance to go first, and can get follow-ups and counters, as well as 2 stealthy attacks. She-Hulk can KO a character on her first turn and can have 2 turns every other round.. Need I say more? She-Hulk has very good durability, and though QS is kinda fragile, the point is for him to get hit so he can counter. The agent should play Off-and-On tank, with a gadget such as Aegis Defender, so when you need to protect, you can. SH has the ability, as stated earlier, to KO an enemy every other round, can stay alive, and applies lots of dangerous debuffs on living enemies. Also, her first move applies Combo Setup, a needed debuff for QS.

Team 3: Bloody Marys(TWGs Android Team)

Sif-ClassicBlack Cat-Classic

Heroes: Sif and Black Cat

Cost: 46 cps – Quite a Bargain!!!

Explanation: Both heroes cause Bleeding, a very effective DoT. Sif has a Quick Action Buff move, making her next move stronger and Fortifying the team. Black Cat’s 3rd move increases her stats by (by my estimation) around 80%, making her deal heavy damage. BCs L9 with her L6 active is a Killer Move, and can KO an entire character who has bleeding. The agent can heal the team, and also deal some damage himself with some weapons. Being a Scrapper, Sif follows up on Infiltrators, dealing Double Bleed, Tenderize and Bleed, or Ravaged and bleed. Keeping all this in mind, both heroes have the ability to dish out some major pain.

Team 4: Fires of War(Tav's fav team)

War Machine-ClassicHuman Torch-Classic

Heroes: War Machine and Human Torch

Cost: 81 Cps

Explanation: Power. Pure Power. After using his L9, War Machine unleashes bullets that are impossible to count. This deals enough damage for anyone to come in with Multi-Target and wipe out the enemy team. Human Torch counters with damage and Burning when hit by melee as well as OHKOing characters with burning. Both heroes can withstand a lots of hits, and deal the damage. This team is all about KOing rather than evening out defense and health. Have the agent tank, and you’re good to go.

Team 5: Untouchable


Heroes: Colossus and Storm

Cost: 71 CP

Explanation: Colossus has the ability to protect form single-target attacks using his L2. As well, the same ability makes him take reduced damage from all attacks(around 40% from what I've seen). Storm is helpful to this b/c of her L2. It gives Protective Shroud buff, which allows all allies to have an increased chance to dodge all attacks. So, With Protect and High Dodge chance, Colossus allows your agent and Storm to deal lots of damage, which, when built up, Storm can do. Your agent should be a Heavy Hitter, with the strongest weapons you can get your hands on.

Team 6: X-Lovers


Heroes: Cyclops and Pheonix

Cost: 63 Cps

Explanation: Unsurprisingly, these love birds work quite well as a team. Cyclops L6 not only provides counter abilities, but also agile, for increased evasion. He also applies Flanked, disadvantage, weak point, and Incapacitation. Phoenix has a 50% chance to resurrect an ally after death, making your team last longer. She can make any hero on your team protect, as well as focus the team, increasing chance to hit/crit. Pheonix does lots of damage even without many buffs, so her L1 twice(with Flanked from Cyke) might defeat a character. Her L9 is devastating when unlocked. Agent should play healer in this method.

Team 7: Avengers Assemble!

Avengers Black Widow Portrait Art
Avengers Hawkeye Portrait Art

Heroes: Avengers Black Widow and Avengers Hawkeye

Cost: BW is free, Hawk costs 1cp(ridiculous, I know), so it depends on which Avengers uniforms you buy.

Explanation: Assemble! 2 Avengers gives your team the equivelant of War Never Changes with a slightly different percent chance of occurring. I have seen Hawkeye defeat teams before when the entire enemy team has Pinpoint Target debuff. Black Widow also hits really, and I mean REALLY hard with her L9-L6 combo. Both characters being Avengers (when in appropriate costume) and dealing a lot of damage makes this a really good team. Agent should hold buff giving items as well as a gadget/weapon that gives pinpoint target, just to speed things up a little.

Team 8: Seraphim's Pryde

Kitty Pryde-Classic X-Men
Dr. Strange-Classic-iOS

Heroes: Dr. Strange and Kitty Pryde

Cost: 56 CPs

Explanation: Kitty Pryde can phase, dodging almost all attacks. She counters and deals lots of damage with Lv2, can cause a DoT and a Paragon, and has the passive to counter with her dinosaur. How does this work with Dr. Strange though? Well, he dishes out most of the damage, causing another DoT and shields AND healing. Mostly, these two characters both play the "nya, nya! you can't hit me!" strategy, while the agent is the one doing the damage. Hold a massive damage dealer and something to increase stamina, and you're good to go!

Team 9: Super-Nerds, Superheroes

Iron Man-Armor Model 35
Mr. Fantastic-Classic

Heroes: Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic

Cost: 33 cps - Really cheap!!!

Explanation: Need I say anything? These heroes have such an arsenal of possibilities, the enemy wont know what to expect and when. Mr. Fantastic has a chance to apply Weak Point, readying Iron Man's Powerful UNibeam attack. Iron Man causes Burning and gives himself Shields. Reed recharges Stamina and gains extra turns through his tactician power. As long as the agent does healing(the one thing they lack) the enemy will be so confused as to whats happening, you will win many battles.

Team 10: Iron Fist

Iron Fist-ClassicReward Box

Heroes: Iron Fist and anyone you want!

Cost: 15 cp + other hero

Explanation: Healing, prevention of FOllowups/counters, damage, damage, and more damage! What more could a character have!? Daniel Rand is a character that works with just about anyone you want. He is the games most useful character, especially when isoed right. The Agent's gear should consist of whatever helps the other hero.

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