• ThiagoRs

    12.2 Experiment

    May 1, 2014 by ThiagoRs

    Hey playas :) This is my first Blog after a year of MAA. I was saving this moment for something REALLY exciting and interesting, and guess this moment hasn't come yet :p But I decided to register a experiment about the game and the wiki seems a pretty good place to do it. YAAAHY :D

    (Probably I will be ignored for most of you LOL)

    So, it has been a while since I heard that theory about resorce drop rate. The theory says that if you have the same arrangement of battles, mini-bosses battles and bosses battles, you surely will get the same reward over and over again. What it means that you can predict if you will win or not command points. Some people said that's true, but I want to test by myself. I will use 12.2 as experiment. I only printed Z…

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