Puss in Boots - Has a chance to apply True Strike to Actions on both allies,and Stealthy on her Actions.

Cat burglar-Has a 10% chance to steal a Buff from an enemy.


Black_Cat-Cat_Scratch.png - Cat Scratch

One Enemy-Trail of Blood/Applies Ravaged,Applies Bleeding to targets with Ravaged,Applies Internal Bleeding to targets with Ravaged and Bleeding

Black_Cat-Unlucky_Strike.png - Unlucky Strike

One Enemy-Unlucky


Special Properties-Hemorrhaging Attack

Black_Cat-Stroke_of_Luck.png - Stroke of Luck

Special Properties- Quick Action

Self-Stroke of Luck

All Allies-Combat Awareness

Black_Cat-Nerve_Chop.png - Nerve Chop

Special Properties- Deadly Crits,Exploits Bleeding,Paragon Exploiter

All Enemies-Chaos Shots

Yes,i think it would be better if this attack was on All enemies,and animation could be:She jumps behind one enemy and does her normal nerve chop and does the same to other 2

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