'Possible Upcoming Things-Discussion and Ideas'Special Operations:

1.Savage Land Special Operation

In this special operation you can win Ka-Zar. Class:Scrapper 3 main villains could be Garokk (as main boss and Group boss),Kraven and Sauron Moon-Boy could be team-up and cost-evergreen character with one of abilities to summon Devil Dinosaur  Class:Infiltrator Shanna could be team-up in one of the missions.

Ka-zar can have one ability to spawn Zabu and he'll stick with him for the whole fight.He could attack with bite or scratch after Ka-Zar finishes his attack.

AAaaaaaaaaaaaaand,Chapter 7 photo is placed in Savage Land

2.Marvel Movie themed: Ant-man Special Operation    

   In this special operation you can win Ant-man (Scott Lang) Class:Scrapper or Inflitrator 3 main villain could be Crossfire and 2 other villains who will appear in the movie. Limited Edition: Hank Pym Original Costume or Yellowjacket, Wasp Original costume. Team-ups Hank Pym and Wasp His powers can be kinda different from Hank's powers.He can have Electronic or Pym particle themed gun,2 size changing abilities and team buff ability.

3.2015:Halloween-themed Special Operation

In this Special operation you can win Blade-Class:Infiltrator

3 main villains could be: Dracula,Deacon Frost and Blackout   Team-ups Morbius (can be bought in store-evergreen(Class:Tactisian)) and Jubilee (Covert-ops hero from some chapter in season 2 Class:Blaster)

New enemies-Dracula Shadow Minions.

The Worthy Costumes:

Breaker of Men: I wanted her to be Thundra but since She-hulk is in that doesn't matter

Breaker of Stone: Captain Britain

Breaker of Worlds: Hercules

Breaker of Oceans: Human Torch

Breaker of Wills:  Spider-woman

Breaker of Souls: Invisible woman

Breaker of Faith: Luke Cage (Thundra)

Captain Britain:That would be cool

Hercules:Character from Greek Mythology as a World wrecker is coo again

Human Torch:I expect them to make him Ocean Breaker since he hates water

Spider-woman:She uses her pheromones (i probably spelled that wrong) to attract men agains their will

Invisible woman:She is only 15-CP hero to not get costume from Season 2

Luke Cage:They did upgrade him recently so it would be even cooler for him if he had a costume,the same goes to Thundra

Covert Operation Heroes

Big Bertha-Bruiser.She could be Covert Operation for Chapter 6.We did see her Artwork in behind the scenes video and this would be perfect time to release her since Deadpool is in premium mission.

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