New sort of attack:

Multi-Action: This Attack is unlocked specially when you have two heroes paired together in a fight.For Example:

Wolverine and Colossus:Fast-ball Special. Wolverine jumps on Colossuses arms and he launches him at enemies.Wolverine hurts all enemies critically causing Bleeding,Staggered,Dizzy,Slowed,Weakened on all of them.Then Colossus Charges Stunning all of them.Colossus and Wolverine are depowered for next round (can't use attacks,only buffs and recharge).This attack has cooldown for 3 turns,and can be only used once in a battle.Icon will be placed beetween 4th attack and recharge icon.There will be two hero heads you are using.This icon will only appear when those special teamed heroes are in.

New team-ups:

1.Giant-size X-men: X-men from second team: Storm,Nightcrawler,Wolverine,Colossus,Cyclops,Sunfire

2.Villain in the family:Heroes with villian-parents: Rogue,Nightcrawler,Scarlet witch,Quicksilver,Thane,Vision

3.GOD SQUAD-Heroes who were in god squad team: Hercules,Thor,Daimon hellstrom

4.Omega: Omega level mutants- Phoenix,Emma Frost,Magneto,Storm,Iceman

5.Skrull-tastic: Heroes who were replaced by skrulls: Black Bolt,Elektra,Hank Pym,Ms Marvel,Spider woman,Doctor Voodoo,Captain America,Mr Fantastic,Human Torch,Thing,Invisible woman,Wolverine

6.For the future...-Future Foundation: Spiderman,Mr Fantastic,Thing,Invisible woman

7.Hell's siblings: Siblings raised in hell...: Satana,Daimon Hellstrom

8.Let the fourth wall be yours: Fourth wall breakers: She hulk,Spiderman,Deadpool

9.Healers-Angel, Daimon Hellstorm,Doctor Voodoo, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist, Omega Sentinal, Satana,Squirrel girl and Wonder Man

10.Psylove's Angel:Romantically Linked sylocke and Angel

11.Lady Liberators-Bonus for bringing two heroes who are members of Lady Liberators-Invisible woman,She hulk,Storm,Valkyrie,Thundra,Black widow,Scarlet witch,Tigra,Wasp and Spider woman

12.Future Buddies: Heroes who are from future and can time-travel:Bishop and Cable

13.Blind love: Love-hate relationship -Elektra and Daredevil

14.Look at that cape-Heroes with capes-Black Knight,Black Panther,(doctor doom?),Emma Frost?,Fandral,Magneto,Doctor Voodoo,Dr.Strange,Scarlet Witch,Storm,Vision,Thor,Valkyrie,Hogun,Sif,Moon Knight,Taskmaster

15.Marvelous Powers:Power of heroes that has tskmaster copied in comics:Cable,Luke Cage,Wolverine,Vision,Tigra,Spiderman,Scarlet Witch,Quicksilver,Punisher,Thor,Thing,Spiderman,Ms Marvel,Iron Fist,Hulk,Hawkeye,Elektra,Deadpool,Daredevil,Captain America,Black Knight,Black Widow and Beast + Taskmaster


New Heroic Battles and Empowered Iso-s

New Type 1: Special Heroic battles include Spec Ops heroes,PVP expired lockbox heroes.You can play free with them (if you have Empowered uniform from PVP) against specific enemies,but get Eiso for agent with E-uniform:

Red Hulk vs She hulk and Hulk Gamma:Agent is immune on radiation exposure

Vision and Hank Pym vs 3 Ultrons Flyable:Flying is now applied to agent Analysis:Agent now has Smartes man in the room

Ares vs Hercules and Thor Muscular:Agent is immune on internal bleeding

Nico Minoru vs Dormamu Magical:Agent applies random debuff to enemies every time he recharges

Valkyrie vs Valkyrie? PH iso-8:Agent has 50% to protect attacks and 80% of healing all allies while doing that

Doctor Doom vs Fantastic four-Dr Strange or 3 waves of Servoguards FULL OF DOOM-Agent can equip Five weapons,Recharge now heals small amount of health

Warriors Three vs Loki + 2 Holographic Mischiefy Lokis 1 Wave-Thor,Sif and Valkyrie 2nd Wave Power of Three:If Agent has recruited all 3 warriors,and uses 2 in a fight,Third one can replace him in battle

New Type 2: This new type of HB talks about Hero vs Hero Heroic Battles,with exception-You can choose which side you want to play.It wont happen in every HB,just in chosen ones.

Thor vs Loki: Thor: Might of mjolnir now grants a random stat of rising up,only one at time Loki: Throwing dagger now causes pressure points

Luke Cage vs Thing Luke: Bodyguard applies in your face to all enemies Thing: Gains 10% defense per round,up to 9 stacks,increased by one if hit with slashing attacks

Thing vs Human Torch Thing:Stonewall is now Quick Action Human Torch: Nova Blast no longer hurts allies

Moonstone and Spider-woman vs Mockingbird and Black widow Moonstone:If Moonstone is paired with Hawkeye-1 round Big Bang is quick action,2 round is paragon exploiter Mockingbird:If Mockingbird is paired with Hawkeye-Critical Intel gives Hawkeye extra round,Mockingbird gains Follow the lead-Hold the line on her Pole Vault Spider-woman:If Spider-woman is paired with Hawkeye-her third attack becomes quick action,making fourth one deal damage Black Widow:If Black Widow is paired with Hawkeye-After Hawkeye Attacks she joins in with her Widow's bite

Thundra vs Shatterstar Shatterstar:His Mojo skewer is now quick action Thundra:Rolling Thunder is now quick action

Normal HB:

Iron Fist vs Constrictor Skillfull Iso-8:Ku'n Lu'n Combo and Five Fingers of Death Apply Flanked

Iron Fist,Luke Cage vs Venom (MacGargan) Helpful:Hearth of shou-lao now makes Healing chi quick action. Protective:Bodyguard now lasts 3 rounds,and it's quick action.

Human Torch vs Sunfire Blasting Iso-8:Plasma body now applies Burning and Sunfire

Human Torch vs Iceman Pyro-increasing iso-8: Flame stream now attacks all enemies

Invisible woman vs Human Torch Fatal iso-8:Force cage has 40% of applying Fatal Blow

Doctor Voodoo vs Dr Strange Sorcerer iso-8:Staff of Legba now applies Dizzy,Staggered,Cornered,Weakened and 30% of Disoriented

Domino vs Deadpool,Bob and Deadpool robot (clone) Scratching:Spinal Scratch now applies Flanked

Bishop vs 3 Sentinels Run and Gun has 60% chance of making all attacks critical

Valkyrie vs Lady Sif Sacrificial Blessing is now quick action

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