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    Puss in Boots - Has a chance to apply True Strike to Actions on both allies,and Stealthy on her Actions.

    Cat burglar-Has a 10% chance to steal a Buff from an enemy.


    - Cat Scratch

    One Enemy-Trail of Blood/Applies Ravaged,Applies Bleeding to targets with Ravaged,Applies Internal Bleeding to targets with Ravaged and Bleeding

    - Unlucky Strike

    One Enemy-Unlucky


    Special Properties-Hemorrhaging Attack

    - Stroke of Luck

    Special Properties- Quick Action

    Self-Stroke of Luck

    All Allies-Combat Awareness

    - Nerve Chop

    Special Properties- Deadly Crits,Exploits Bleeding,Paragon Exploiter

    All Enemies-Chaos Shots

    Yes,i think it would be better if this attack was on All enemies,and animation could be:She jumps behind one enemy and does her norm…

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    1.Giant-Size X-men Heroes who are original members of Giant-Size X-men

    2.Family Issues Heroes which parents are Villains

    3.GOD SQUAD Heroes who were members of God Squad

    4.OMEGA Omega-level X-men

    5.Hell's Sibling Brother and Sister from Hell

    6.May the Fourth be with you Heroes who break the fourth wall

    7.Healers Heroes who have healing abilities

    8.Mythological Love Psylocke and Angel or Fantomex

    9.Blind Love Love-Hate realationship

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    'Possible Upcoming Things-Discussion and Ideas'Special Operations:

    1.Savage Land Special Operation

    In this special operation you can win Ka-Zar. Class:Scrapper 3 main villains could be Garokk (as main boss and Group boss),Kraven and Sauron Moon-Boy could be team-up and cost-evergreen character with one of abilities to summon Devil Dinosaur  Class:Infiltrator Shanna could be team-up in one of the missions.

    Ka-zar can have one ability to spawn Zabu and he'll stick with him for the whole fight.He could attack with bite or scratch after Ka-Zar finishes his attack.

    AAaaaaaaaaaaaaand,Chapter 7 photo is placed in Savage Land

    2.Marvel Movie themed: Ant-man Special Operation    

       In this special operation you can win Ant-man (Scott Lang) Class:Scrapper or Inflitrator 3 m…

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  • The LazerShell

    New sort of attack:

    Multi-Action: This Attack is unlocked specially when you have two heroes paired together in a fight.For Example:

    Wolverine and Colossus:Fast-ball Special. Wolverine jumps on Colossuses arms and he launches him at enemies.Wolverine hurts all enemies critically causing Bleeding,Staggered,Dizzy,Slowed,Weakened on all of them.Then Colossus Charges Stunning all of them.Colossus and Wolverine are depowered for next round (can't use attacks,only buffs and recharge).This attack has cooldown for 3 turns,and can be only used once in a battle.Icon will be placed beetween 4th attack and recharge icon.There will be two hero heads you are using.This icon will only appear when those special teamed heroes are in.

    New team-ups:


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