The comments I see from the last 48 hours of PvP through till around 3 days after the PvP season ends has really gotten me to the point of walking away from the wiki. My main problem is all of the people whining about not getting Adamantium, or people whining about people who finished in Adamantium without even trying because they had the Cube, or people whining about how players with low level agents finished in a higher league than their level 200-something agents. It takes every bit of will power for me not to flame them all.

PVP is not meant to be easy. Playing the bare minimum isn't going to get you to Adamantium. And no piece of gear beats everything. And no piece of gear or specific hero guarantees victory. I've been at level 300 since around mid-late June. I knew when I started power leveling my agent around level 150 or so when chapter 12 first dropped that I was basically killing any shot at winning anything in PVP for the next 6 months to a year. But having all of the heroes and being level capped so that I would never have to reforge new gear was my priority, so I didn't care. That was Season 7, and other than the Season 9 bug, I remained in Silver the whole time. I understood the system, and I knew that was how it was going to be. This Season, with all of my heroes up to at least level 10, with the majority of them at 11 or higher, I took the plunge and put in high volume whenever I could get some winning streaks going. When I started to lose offensive fights, I made minor changes to compensate for where I was lacking. I hit Vibranium in the first week, dropped to Silver in the second week, fought my way back into Diamond by the end. And guess what? I had the dreaded Cube the whole time. Not only that, but I faced some teams that beat me without the Cube.

0.5% That is basically where you have to rank to win Adamantium. Or a 1550 rating, as it ended up being this time due to high player turnout for this season. That is still most likely less than 1%. Most of the whiners feel they deserve Adamantium because they believe they earned it. I would like for those players to stop and compare their stats to the players at their agent level who did win Adamantium, and then complain about the fairness. I had well over 300 offensive wins this season, making it my most active season ever in PVP. However, my offensive losses were right at 300. Nearly 700 fights total to end in Diamond. Most Adamantium players probably had at least 1000 fights with a much better win percentage than I did. I got lucky with fairly low defensive volume in the last hour (can't say as much for the last day as a whole...)

I guess the point of this whole diatribe is that the ignorance, impatience, and entitlement attitude of some of the more vocal people on the wiki just irritates me and disgusts me to the point that I am about ready to just give up on it.

Just calm down people, it is just a game. If you whine this much about a game, I wonder why you even play, and I would hate to see how much real life stuff you whine about.

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