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  • TheRavenHeart

    Lockbox heroes can arguably be some of the most frustrating characters in the game to try to recruit. Since they can't be bought with Command Points, we have to rely on task completion to hope to get them for free. Otherwise, you'll end up spending Gold to finish out the collections required to recruit them. I'm not going to be focusing on statistical probabilities of duplicate covers here; plenty of others on this wiki have done that. What I will do is advise you on how to get the most Lockboxes that you can.

    Typically, there have been three methods of obtaining Lockboxes.

    • Spec Ops
    • PvP
    • Covert Task

    My main focus is going to be on Spec Op Lockboxes because this are the ones that there is the most variance between players on how many they manage …

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  • TheRavenHeart

    With the release of each new chapter in Season 2 of Story mode, we see high CP costs for chapter mastery. However, a lot of people complaining about the high cost are not factoring in a couple of things.

    This is not limited time content like Spec Ops are. Even with former Spec Op heroes becoming required deploys for new Spec Ops, the CP requirements on Spec Ops has still remained in the 300-500 CP range. Since new chapters are going to remain available for as long as this game is around, naturally chapter mastery is going to have a higher cost to master than Spec Ops. New chapters aren't meant to be mastered in a single weekend, at least for relatively new players. Even seasoned veteran players will keep returning to each chapter due to far…

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  • TheRavenHeart

    The comments I see from the last 48 hours of PvP through till around 3 days after the PvP season ends has really gotten me to the point of walking away from the wiki. My main problem is all of the people whining about not getting Adamantium, or people whining about people who finished in Adamantium without even trying because they had the Cube, or people whining about how players with low level agents finished in a higher league than their level 200-something agents. It takes every bit of will power for me not to flame them all.

    PVP is not meant to be easy. Playing the bare minimum isn't going to get you to Adamantium. And no piece of gear beats everything. And no piece of gear or specific hero guarantees victory. I've been at level 300 sin…

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  • TheRavenHeart

    Updated 11/8/2013

    What a difference a few months makes. When I started this blog, there were a lot of items on my wishlist. Within hours, the first one became reality (the updates to Flight Deck operations), and now, several others have either made it into the game or been implemented in a way different from how I imagined it. With all of these changes, I have several items still on my wishlist, as well as some tweaks that I think would still improve gameplay. This is not speculation, as some of these things I am doubtful that Playdom would even do, though some are already on the radar in some form from sources such as the Developer's Q&A sessions.

    I want to recap the items I've had here previously that have been added to the game:

    • Flight Dec…

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  • TheRavenHeart

    Updated 6/7/2015

    It seems that whenever a new Spec Op is released, there are a lot of complaints from people not being able to get enough U-ISO 8. Many of these complaints center around the fact that we all only start off with 440 U-ISOs, and Playdom typically only releases a 1 or 2 links for 10 or 20 U-ISOs and about 4 or 5 links for a single U-ISO throughout the course of a Spec Op (barring those times when they have given free links due to issues with the game causing massive amounts of U-ISO loss due to combat validation errors, or as with Spec Op 7, accidentally deactivating U-ISO gifting with half a week left in the Spec Op).

    Even without the free U-ISO links from Playdom, we have plenty of opportunities to get enough U-ISOs to finish …

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