• TheNameIWantedWasTaken

    With all the female heroes being released recently (Elsa Bloodstone, Misty Knight, Kamala Khan), I was curious to see just what the gender ratio was at right now.

    As of Nov. 11, 2015, females are:

    26.1% of all Tacticians;

    37.9% of all Blasters;

    26.9% of all Bruisers;

    30.8% of all Scrappers;

    52.0% of all Infiltrators;

    30.0% of all Generalists;

    and 34.5% of heroes, all classes.

    I find this very interesting...Thoughts?

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  • TheNameIWantedWasTaken

    This is how I imagine the game is like for a devoted gold-buying player.  Enjoy.

    M:AA Is Love, M:AA is Life. I was only 19 years old I loved M:AA so much, I had all the heroes unlocked and trained to level 14I pray to Playdom every night before bed thanking them for the life I've been given. M:AA is love I say, M:AA is life "Real" gamers overhear me and call me mean namesI knew they were just jealous of my devotion for M:AA I called them scrubs They doxxed me and banned me from their forumsIm crying now, and my feelings hurt I collapse on my keyboard and its really cold A warmth is moving towards me. I feel something touch me Its M:AAI am so happy It whispers into my ear, "Gold sale!"It grabs me with its powerful cyber hands and puts me on …

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