Update 11/12/14

Well, now that several of the characters from my list have been made, I've updated the entry.  I also decided after much debate to remove Professor X.  I simply don't see him being released, as they haven't given us Coulson, Hill or Fury as playable characters and they've been in the game much longer.  He COULD be released, but I don't see it happening.  I've updated the list below to remove the ones who've been released.  I've also updated it based on some of the suggestions below. 

So here we are at character release #100 - Star-Lord.  AWESOME!  If you had told me a year ago that we'd be here by now, I'd have called you crazy.  While Playdom hasn't increased their release pace to the level I'd like, I certainly have no complaints.  And while we've reached 100 heroes, I still think there are WAY more that need to be released. So I've put together a list of the "next 100". 

First off, the very title is a bit of a cheat.  Because there are several characters NOT on my list.  I didn't include them because I 100% believe they're coming.  Some have been confirmed.  Some have been mentioned by the developers.  Some I just have a sneaking suspicion about. So Big Bertha (art shown), Fixer (confirmed), Howard the Duck (mentioned by the devs), Jubilee (suspected), Karnak (confirmed), Namor (suspected) and Spectrum (Monica Rambeau, suspected) aren't included in my next 100.  I think they're locks to be released at some point.  

Now that we have that out of the way, let's discuss my next 100.  These aren't in any particular order, nor do I have anything that makes me think they'll be made.  What they are are the names that come up the most, the ones that would seem obvious.  Here's a list of the general criteria I used. 

  • They've had in the past or currently have a role in a cartoon, movie or other multimedia property. Doesn't matter how significant or insignificant of a role.  This will probably make them a lock to be added in-game. 
  • They've had major roles in the comics, whether in history or current stories. 
  • High level of fan demand.  Several names are regularly discussed.  Whether you like them or not, the majority DOES and it's hard to imagine they won't get made at some point. 
  • Actual member of the Avengers, or another team the developers have shown a liking for (New Mutants, X-Force, X-Men, Inhumans, etc). 

With that in mind, here's my list for the next 100.  I'll discuss each one of them in future blogs, but I wanted to put this up first for people to review. 

If you think there's a character that should be made before the ones on my list, let me know.  But if you want them on the list, you'll have to remove someone. So you better be able to justify your claim! :) 

A-Bomb Dust Mach V Power Man Songbird
Adam Warlock Echo Machine Man Puck Speed
Angela Firestar Madrox Quake Speedball
Armor Forge Magma Quasar Spider-Girl
Aurora Gauntlet Manifold Rachel Gray Star Brand
Banshee Genis-Vell Man-Thing Rage Starfox
Beta Ray Bill Gladiator Mantis Red She Hulk Stature
Blink Guardian Marinna Rictor Stepford Cuckoos
Blue Marvel Hellcat Meggan Rockslide Stingray
Box Hope Mimic Ronin Sunspot
Broo Hulkling Molly Hayes Sasquatch Talisman
Captain Mar-vell Hyperion Moondragon


Cloak Jack of Hearts Moonstar


Crystal Jessica Jones Namorita Shaman Warpath
Dagger Jocasta Nightmask Shang-Chi Werewolf by Night
Darkhawk Justice Noh-Varr Silver Sable White Tiger
Darkstar Karma Northstar Silver Surfer Wiccan
Dazzler Kate Bishop Nova Skaar Winter Soldier
Deathlok Layla Miller Pixie Smasher Wolfsbane
Doc Samson Longshot Polaris Snowbird X-Man

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