Okay so they've finally released Squirrel Girl into the game.  Ares, Bishop and Elektra were all also released this month.  Four down, two to go (Moon Knight and Doctor Voodoo) of the known heroes.  So why does it feel as though we haven't gotten anyone?  We got four heroes this month right?  My thoughts - we have to unlock all of them.  Bishop and Elektra are only available through the (IMHO) godawful PVP system.  Ares is through a Spec Op.  And even Squirrel Girl has to be unlocked. It FEELS like it's been too long. 

We haven't had a general release, for-purchase hero since Thundra.  That's right - Thundra who was released in May.  To me, and several other collectors like myself, that's far too long of a wait.  I like being able to buy a hero when I want.  Yes, Squirrel Girl doesn't have to be purchased right away.  But you still only have a limited time to unlock her.  And it comes RIGHT in the middle of Spec Ops AND PVP. 

"But Tex, won't they run out of heroes if they release them more quickly?"  HARDLY.  There are DOZENS of heroes they could release and still have several in reserve.  And that doesn't even count any potential villain turned hero lockbox releases.  I think having more heroes would encourage people to play.   Be honest.   Most of the hard core players have hundreds of CP saved up.   They're starting to buy alt costumes they don't even want lol.   The mid-level players love having something to work towards.   But if you're like me, not having a CP hero to purchase means you don't play nearly as much aside from PVP (UGH) and Spec Ops.   Just to give you an idea, I currently have a list of almost all the heroes Marvel has that haven't been put in the game.   There are over 375 heroes on my list.   Will all of them fit?   No.  But even removing all the ones that won't work - powers don't fit, dead too long, too minor even for this game, haven't been seen in years - I come up with 200+ heroes that COULD work. 

So how do they fix it? Regular releases in addition to special events.   Two heroes per month.   No strings, no extra requirements.   Just put them out there.   Of course they'll be 90 CP, since the days of Quicksilver at 48 CP are LONG gone. :(   But even with two heroes per month, it would take them 100 months to go through just that 200.  Even adjusting for one PVP and one Spec Ops hero a month, it would take them 50 months to burn through that list.  That's FOUR YEARS FOLKS.  Anybody optimistic that M:AA will be around that long lol?  I'd love to think so, but even the MOST popular FB games have a three year shelf life.  And that's pushing it...

They're obviously not going to fix PVP, so they might as well give us something else.  And I have so many heroes I'd love to see in game.  This would be an accelerated way to get them.  If they're worried about balance I haven't a clue why.  They've had to adjust pretty much every other character haha... So what do you think? 

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