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    The Next 100+

    August 12, 2014 by Texgnome1

    Update 11/12/14

    Well, now that several of the characters from my list have been made, I've updated the entry.  I also decided after much debate to remove Professor X.  I simply don't see him being released, as they haven't given us Coulson, Hill or Fury as playable characters and they've been in the game much longer.  He COULD be released, but I don't see it happening.  I've updated the list below to remove the ones who've been released.  I've also updated it based on some of the suggestions below. 

    So here we are at character release #100 - Star-Lord.  AWESOME!  If you had told me a year ago that we'd be here by now, I'd have called you crazy.  While Playdom hasn't increased their release pace to the level I'd like, I certainly have no com…

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  • Texgnome1

    Potential Hero List

    September 19, 2013 by Texgnome1

    So in one of the forum threads, a discussion was ongoing about which heroes could be made. I built off another forum member's list, and think the following is a fairly comprehensive listing. It's not complete obviously. There are lots of Marvel characters I eliminated. They've either been dead too long or are too obscure. And yes, some of the characters ON my list are "dead" at the moment. But they made a significant enough contribution to the Marvel Universe to be included. I believe - and of course I could be wrong - that all of the characters on the below list could be included in MAA. Thoughts?


    A-Bomb; Adam Warlock; Agent Coulson; Agent Venom; American Dream; Angela; Arachne; Armor; Atlas; Aurora


    Balder the Brave; Banshee; Beta Ray Bil…

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  • Texgnome1

    Hero Release

    August 30, 2013 by Texgnome1

    Okay so they've finally released Squirrel Girl into the game.  Ares, Bishop and Elektra were all also released this month.  Four down, two to go (Moon Knight and Doctor Voodoo) of the known heroes.  So why does it feel as though we haven't gotten anyone?  We got four heroes this month right?  My thoughts - we have to unlock all of them.  Bishop and Elektra are only available through the (IMHO) godawful PVP system.  Ares is through a Spec Op.  And even Squirrel Girl has to be unlocked. It FEELS like it's been too long. 

    We haven't had a general release, for-purchase hero since Thundra.  That's right - Thundra who was released in May.  To me, and several other collectors like myself, that's far too long of a wait.  I like being able to buy a …

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  • Texgnome1

    Can't remember where (it was another site), but I recently saw a post where someone questioned how much longer this game could go.  How we were getting down to not having very many good playable heroes left.  So I sat down and made a list of playable characters we hadn't gotten yet.  It's certainly not every character Marvel has ever published.  But I was surprised by how many I came up with.  Then I wondered, how many do I think will actually ever make it into the game, and what are their odds.  So I hope you'll enjoy the below list. 

    Odds: 1-1

    The first group is the list of characters that have already been confirmed as coming, already mentioned in discussion, or are big enough names that I don't see how they could NOT be added. 


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