Previously I posted about which heros one should buy. I've commented and outlined the heros you need in order of missions. I also mentioned this was the way I had NOT recruited my heros.

That ends today with my recruiting the lean, green, smashing machine: HULK.


Why did it take me so long to get hulk? because I was trying to get my heros to fulfill needs both PvE and PVP. Truth be told, that strategy has not worked out well for me. Thus, I am re-evaluating my approach and starting with HULK!

This is re-evaluation will be taking into consideration the following needs... BETTER WEAPONS AND COOLER THINGS!

While I have had had a few heroes required for premium missions in the past, I have never gained much in the way of cool weapons dropped by bosses. The exception being Possessed Pistol (which is not a premium boss drop).

As I said, luck has been on the low side for PVP. I'm going to play still, with the hopes of maybe getting Elektra (one less hero to buy) but I'm not keeping my hopes up.

My new plan... to play each of the premium missions until I get four stars and the awesome weapons they drop. To hell with PVP. I'm gonna put on  my weakest heros and take a dive there.

1 HULK (90) - Premium Mission  Gamma Booster, Gamma Gadget Gamma Gadget, Custom B&F "Highroad"
2 IRON MAN (free) - Premium Mission EMP Blaster, Uni-Pulse EMP Blaster, Custom Eagle's Eye
3 SPIDER-MAN (90) - Premium Mission Web Blaster, Galvanic Arm Custom Energy Fist
4 WOLVERINE (90) - Premium Mission "Snikt", Sabretooth's Claws Sabretooth's Claws, Custom P.E.W. "Dragon"
5 WAR MACHINE (48) - Premium Mission Super Blade Punch, Power of Four Custom Battery Powered Hand Cannon
6 PHOENIX (48) - Premium Mission Psychic Punch, Momentum Generator Custom P.E.W. "Zealous"
7 HUMAN TORCH (33) - Premium Mission Handheld Hohlraum, Cosmic Ray Bomb Custom P.E.W. "Eradicator"
8 THOR (90) - Premium Mission Mechanical Mjolnir, Destroyer Power Relic Custom P.E.W. "Attenuator"
9 DR. STRANGE (23) - Premium Mission Dark Sigil, Rings of Balthak Dark Sigil, P.E.W. "Quell II"
10 LUKE CAGE (33) - Premium Mission Face Punch, Heavy Sai P.E.W. "Raze II", Heavy Sai
11 CAPTAIN AMERICA (90) - Premium Mission Holographic Shields, Tesseract Simulation Device Custom Neural Wave Disruptor
12 MR. FANTASTIC (33) - Premium Mission Bifurcator, Chronolift Custom P.E.W. "Stoic", Chronolift

Bold indicates things I want. Italics I already have and underlined have and think is useless. ;)

Here's my roster this far...

Heroes Recruited
A-Bomb Icon 1 Adam Warlock Icon 1 Agent Venom Icon 1 Amazing Spider-Woman Icon 1 Angel Icon 1 Angela Icon 1 Ant-Man Icon 1 Anti-Venom Icon 1 Ares Icon 1 Avalanche Icon 1 Baron Mordo Icon 1 Beast Icon 1
Beetle Icon 1 Beta Ray Bill Icon 1 Bishop Icon 1 Black Bolt Icon 1 Lv12Black Cat Icon 1 Black Knight Icon 1 Black Panther Icon 1 Lv12Black Widow Icon 1 Blade Icon 1 Blizzard Icon 1 Blue Marvel Icon 1 Boomerang Icon 1
Cable Icon 1 Cammi Icon 1 Cannonball Icon 1 Captain America Icon 1 Lv09Captain Britain Icon 1 Chase Stein Icon 1 Cloak and Dagger Icon 1 Colleen Wing Icon 1 Lv11Colossus Icon 1 Constrictor Icon 1 Crystal Icon 1 Lv11Cyclops Icon 1
Daimon Hellstrom Icon 1 Lv05Daredevil Icon 1 Deadpool Icon 1 Death Locket Icon 1 Deathlok Icon 1 Destroyer Icon 1 Doctor Doom Icon 1 Doctor Voodoo Icon 1 Domino Icon 1 Lv12Dr. Strange Icon 2 Drax Icon 1 Electro Icon 1
Elektra Icon 1 Elsa Bloodstone Icon 1 Emma Frost Icon 1 Enchantress Icon 1 Faiza Hussain Icon 1 Falcon Icon 1 Fandral Icon 1 Fantomex Icon 1 Fixer Icon 1 Gambit Icon 1 Gamora Icon 1 Ghost Rider Icon 1
Gorgon Icon 1 Groot Icon 1 Hank Pym Icon 1 Havok Icon 1 Lv12Hawkeye Icon 1 Heimdall Icon 1 Hellcat Icon 1 Hercules Icon 1 Hogun Icon 1 Howard the Duck Icon 1 Lv01Hulk Icon 1 Lv12Human Torch Icon 2
Hybrid Icon 1 Hyperion Icon 1 Iceman Icon 1 Lv12Invisible Woman Icon 1 Lv10Iron Fist Icon 1 Lv12Iron Man Icon 1 Jessica Jones Icon 1 Juggernaut Icon 1 Ka-Zar Icon 1 Kamala Khan Icon 1 Kang Icon 1 Karnak Icon 1
Karolina Dean Icon 1 Kate Bishop Icon 1 Lv10Kitty Pryde Icon 1 Knight America Icon 1 Kraven Icon 1 Lizard Icon 1 Loki Icon 1 Lv09Luke Cage Icon 1 Magik Icon 1 Magneto Icon 1 Mantis Icon 1 Medusa Icon 1
Misty Knight Icon 1 Mockingbird Icon 1 Molly Hayes Icon 1 Moon Knight Icon 1 Moondragon Icon 1 Moonstone Icon 1 Morbius Icon 1 Lv08Mr. Fantastic Icon 1 Lv12Ms. Marvel Icon 1 Nico Minoru Icon 1 Lv07Nightcrawler Icon 1 Nova Icon 1
Omega Sentinel Icon 1 Lv10Phoenix Icon 1 Phyla-Vell Icon 1 Psylocke Icon 1 Punisher Icon 1 Quake Icon 1 Lv03Quicksilver Icon 1 Red Hulk Icon 1 Red She-Hulk Icon 1 Rescue Icon 1 Richard Rider Icon 1 Rocket Raccoon Icon 1
Rogue Icon 1 Ronan Icon 1 Sabretooth Icon 1 Sandman Icon 1 Satana Icon 1 Scarlet Witch Icon 1 Shanna Icon 1 Shatterstar Icon 1 Lv12She-Hulk Icon 1 Shocker Icon 1 Lv12Sif Icon 1 Silk Icon 1
Songbird Icon 1 Spider-Girl Icon 1 Spider-Gwen Icon 1 Spider-Man Icon 1 Spider-Man 2099 Icon 1 Spider-Man Noir Icon 1 Lv08Spider-Woman Icon 1 Spiral Icon 1 Spitfire Icon 1 Squirrel Girl Icon 1 Star-Lord Icon 1 Lv12Storm Icon 1
Sunfire Icon 1 Superior Spider-Man Icon 1 Taskmaster Icon 1 Thane Icon 1 Lv08Thing Icon 1 Thor Icon 1 Thor (Jane Foster) Icon 1 Thundra Icon 1 Tigra Icon 1 Ultimate Spider-Man Icon 1 Union Jack Icon 1 Valkyrie Icon 1
Victor Mancha Icon 1 Vision Icon 1 Volstagg Icon 1 Lv11War Machine Icon 1 Wasp Icon 1 White Tiger Icon 1 Winter Soldier Icon 1 Wolverine Icon 1 Wonder Man Icon 1 X-23 Icon 1

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