Hulk was recruited successfully and on first run of the premium mission I scored two stars right away. Pretty nice.

I'm running that mission again. I'm really hoping to get a weapon drop. If I don't, it'll be back to CP Farming for me. Next heroes: Rogue and Gambit. Why? Task Nine

All in all, I will need to farm 270 CPs in the next 2-3weeks. That's nearly insane and shows that I did not think last nights recruitment through. In my defence, the SG notice popped up AFTER I got Hulk. Had I know, I would've taken Mon Ami Gambit.

Because of this insanity: 1. [1] Change of Subject

  • Defeat 5 Test Subjects in Season 2
    • Test Subjects have been experimented on without their consent, granting them super powers at the cost of their minds. They can be found in Missions 1, 2 and 4
  • Reward: 100 XP for the Agent

2. [2] Another Earth

  • Survive an Incursion
    • Incursions are battles against Heroes from alternate realities. They are found in Season 2.
  • Reward: 3000 [3]

3. [4] Splice of Life

  • Defeat Sugar Man
    • Sugar Man is the Boss of Season 2 Mission 1: Artificial Sweetener.
  • Reward: 1 [5]

4. [6] Oakey Dokey

  • Collect 15 Acorns
    • Acorns are dropped in combat by enemies in Season 2. They can also be purchased in the store.
  • Reward: 5000 [7]

5. [8] Prove Yourself

  • Win 3 PVP Battles
    • Squirrel Girl wants to see how well you fight. Compete in PVP to test your skills against other players.
  • Reward: 100 XP for the Agent

6. [9] Hellfire And Blood

  • Defeat 15 Hellfire Club Soldiers in Season 2
    • Hellfire Club Soldiers can be found in Missions 2, 3 and 5
  • Reward: 7000 [10]

7. [11] Dragon's Lair

  • Defeat Dragoness in Season 2
    • Dragoness is the Boss of Mission 3: Sword in the Stone.
  • Reward: 1 [12]

8. [13] Chitter Chitter

  • Research the Squirrely-Talkie in the Lab
    • Research the Squirrely-Talkie to complete this task (cost 100 Silver and takes 8 hours to finish) .
  • Reward: 9000 [14]

9. [15] Deep South

  • Complete the Rogue and Gambit Heroic Battle in Season 2 Mission 1
    • Heroic Battles are classic matchups between Heroes and Villains. To participate, you must have that hero recruited.
  • Reward: 5 [16]

10. [17] The Fix Is In

  • Defeat Fixer in Season 2 -- REQUIRES GAMBIT TO COMPLETE
    • Fixer is the Boss of Mission 6: To Catch a Thief.
  • Reward: 5 [18]

I removed the Gold to Bypass lines because I honestly think that's stupid. Most of the amounts are pretty low so almost not worth it. Anyhow... I have 20 days to get SG. I don't really want her, I just want to do the tasks for the sake of trying to win SG.  My only problem is that I haven't gotten to Chapter 12 yet for its CP-farming-cream-filled coating.

So, here's the new battle plan... Level up HULK to L9 (as fast as possible), CP Farm 4.4 to get 90/180


I deliberately placed some of my weaker heroes in my defence team last night to drop my PVP rating so I could farm Elektra Lockboxes easier.

This tactic has apparently backfired on me BIG TIME.

Battle reports show a LOT of players attacked me, but I ended with a +35 gain. So much for that tactic.

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