Yeah, I know... this is a stupid and possibly, heavily obvious topic that need not be discussed, but I laugh in the face of obviousness.

Damn... I should've used Captain Obvious as my username.

Nevertheless, we all seem to go about this vital feature in a randomized way. At least, when talking to others that's been the impression I have gathered.

My strategy for dealing with gifts is simple.

During Spec Ops - collect ISOs

During regular non-spec ops time - collect what you need.

As I don't use consumables often, I have ended up with a huge surplus of items that are effectively useless to me. If they are things from the game, I generally wait till i have more than 30 or so before selling.

BUT GIFTS! I don't care. If it's a blue iso chip... SOLD!


EASY! Click the X just to the above right from that gift's "accept and send" button. [That'll teach'em to send junk!]

It is not enough to get rid of crappy gifts though. You still need to be strategic. That's why I recommend the following tactic.

A) go to your gifts page

B) X away the crappy things you don't need/want

C) Take notice of what you have left the most of. Start accepting/sending back items you don't have much of. If you're lacking Shield Points. Start with those.

ALTERNATIVE -- If you're OCD, you'll notice that you have a few single items in among several gifts of the same kind. Clear those away first. That will give you long stretches of similar items (in theory)

D) Start clearing the items you need, but stick to one type of gift per day.

Create a calendar if you must: Monday - ISO; Tuesday - Shield Points; Wednesday - Energy; etc., etc., etc.,

Because I've been training a bunch of new characters like crazy lately (I've acquired 5 new heroes in the last 3 weeks) I've been accepting mostly Shield Points. However, Energy's have been super important to me as well, as I've been trying to farm CPs. So, my typical pattern is day 1 - SP, day 2 - EP.  It's been working for me for the most part, as I've leveled most of my newest heroes to 7-8 or so in a few short weeks.

My only problem now is not having enough silver to get more lvl 12s. But that'll change in time.

Remember... everything you do in this game is tactical. Everything you plan for, should be strategic!

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