The question that has plagued M:AA forums for the last year and a half. The question that has gotten extremely tired and annoying. Who to buy next.

While the following is merely my opinion, I share it in the hopes that it stops newer players from asking this irritating question over and over again.

First thing you need to understand is: I did not go about acquiring my heroes in the way I'm about to explain. No, this guide is from my terrible experience of choosing heroes I think are cool versus the ones I needed. Case in point - I got Iron Fist and Luke Cage before I got Phoenix or Storm. While this was the correct thing to do for mission deploys, my training of these characters has turned out to be largely superfluous as I never use them.

More to the point, this breakdown is to let you know in a quick way, which heros you need for mission mastery. I have NOT included the heroes required for Premium missions, as those are blatantly obvious in the mission windows. And as TheRavenHeart points out below in comment, some heroes are better to obtain before others - from a tactical/strategic/fun standpoint. After all... Storm zapping goons with lightning bolts is way cooler than Spidey going "thwip-thwip".

First... some points.

  • Missions separated by commas.
  • Slashes indicate where 2 heroes in a mission.
  • Bold Indicate first deploys.
  • Underlines indicate heroes that are worth more than their CPs indicate (IMHO)
  • Total required CPs is for that chapter with italics indicating required cps if new heroes needed.
 1 None, Hawkeye (free), Black Widow (free), Daredevil (48), Sif (23), She-Hulk (15) 86
2 Thing (33), Ms. Marvel (15), Black Cat (23), Luke Cage (33), Cyclops (15), War Machine (48) 147
3 Iron Fist (15), Iron Man (free), Colossus (23), Black Widow / Spider-man (90), Hawkeye / Spider-woman (33) 161
4 Human Torch (33), Hulk (90), Mr Fantastic (33), Storm (48), Dr Strange (23), Phoenix (48) 275
5 Thor (90), Captain America (90)/ B Widow, Wolverine (90), Kitty Pryde (48)/ Iron Fist (23), Nightcrawler (48), Hawkeye/Iron Man 332 (309)
 6 Human Torch (33), Phoenix (48) / She-hulk (15), Luke Cage (23), Thor (90), Daredevil (48)/B Widow, Storm (48) 295 (0)
7 Spider-Woman (33) / Mr Fantastic (33), Wolverine (90), Spider-Man (90), Thor (90)/ Dr Strange (23), Iron Fist (15), Thing (33), Invisible Woman (33) 440 (33)
8 B Widow / Thor (90), Hulk (90), Cyclops (15), Captain America (90), Hawkeye, Sif (23) 308 (0)
9 Storm (48)/ Thing (33), Mr Fantastic (33)/Human Torch (33), Daredevil (48), Invisible Woman (33)/ Rogue (90) / Thing (33), Spider-man (90), Ms Marvel (15) 456 (90)
10 Iron Man / Wolverine (90), War-Machine (48), Nightcrawler (48), Spider-woman (33), Capt. America (90) / Hulk (90), Daredevil (48) / Iron Fist (15) 462 (0)
11 Colossus (23), Luke Cage (23) / Black Cat (23), Phoenix (48), Cyclops (15), Wolverine (90)/Storm (48), Hawkeye, B Widow 270 (0)
12 Sif (23), Kitty Pryde (33), Daredevil (48), Cyclops (15), Black Cat (23), Invisible Woman (33) 175 (0)

There you have it. All the heroes and required CPs to recruit based on level. I'm sure this information is available elsewhere in this format, but I haven't seen it yet. You can obtain this info through the Season 1 Story page.

Another point I'd like to point out here is that while you need Cap A, Hulk, Spidey, Rogue, Thor and Wolverine, you do NOT need Beast, Black Panther, Scarlet Witch, Gambit, Hercules or Tigra. These six heroes were released after most of the chapters were. However, they are required in Season 2 - at least, Gambit is.  Of these latter release heroes, the only one I'd recommend is Scarlet Witch, but that's because I dig the whole bathing suit with a cape thing.

Final point - While this guide helps with determining which hero to buy next, insofar as they are heroes under the 90cp threshold, it does not cover any the newer heroes released after Chapter 12. If you're at the point where you can buy any of those heroes, the answer is always YES.

e.g. "Should I buy Cable or Psylocke?" "Yes, you should."

(Of course, whomever you get should blog:Razorgirl/PVP Strategies and Play Styles fit your personal tactical style of playing.)

Now - food for thought -

Why doesn't anyone ever ask which costume to buy next??

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