In the real world, the business world, companies generally set their goals by based on several factors. These factors are based upon understanding the market (research) and having a vision to work under.

Typically, objectives take on the form of a SMART statement, which is a clever acronym for :


Each part has its own influence and if you miss any part of the formula, you will likely fail in your objective.

How does this apply to M:AA?

Easy. It applies in almost every tactic and strategy that can be employed within the game. For the sake of sanity and understanding, I will apply it to CP Farming


To acquire 90 command points by next saturday by farming C4M4 for the entire week, so as to be able to buy <hero name>.

Here i have the specific goal of getting command points and 90 being a measurable amount. Through CP Farming, 90CPs are achievable through running C4M4. Setting a week as the interval of time gives us our timely factor. All of this is fairly realistic, so long as you play the game quite a bit and stick to the farming goal.

I personally don't care much for CP farming, but that's because whenever I try to CP farm, I get weapon drops. Sadly, when I'm hoping for a weapon, I get CPs. I'm one of those players.

I digress.

And SMART objectives don't have to apply to just CP farming. My current SMART objectives (i have 2) are to acquire over $2Million silver and to train up 3 of my characters simultaneously.

O1 - To acquire $2million silver in the next 2 days, through flight deck ops, by sending heros on missions every 20 minutes.

O2 - To level up Spiderwoman, Thing and Mr. Fantastic to Level 9 by Wednesday afternoon. [Why wednesday? why not?]

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