First off... read THIS BLOG and THIS BLOG first. FIRST!!

This blog entry is merely to support the previous two and act as a precursor to my next blog as I figure out how to encorporate all three into one.

Okay, so, after 100 runs, the data i've collected on my CP farming has revealed that I have averaged about .372 CPs per 10 energy. Not bad, slightly lower than PKB's estimate.

Now, the mistakes I've made in getting that average.

One: tabulation of my CP recording.

I used a haphazard method to keep track. It looked something like this...

Date Vapor Magneto total DRR cumulative total

It got quite messy, rather quickly. I realized after awhile that I didn't need to keep track of the CPs from either boss. However, I did realize that had I configured my spreadsheet better, I could've used that to my advantage to figure out the efficiency between the two bosses and quite possibly a whole lot of other metrics.

but i didn't.

Instead, I built a slagheap of raw data that I only reaped summations and averages from occasionally. Not very efficient.

So, here's my table for the next batch of data.

Date DRR Mission CPs total Notes

Obviously we want to keep track of the date. Next comes Daily Roulette Rewards to keep track of any CPs gained through that. (Note: CPs yielded during SO's is very low) After that, mission... either 4.4 or 12.2 for my purposes, though one could use 7.3 as well, if you have spidey. I don't.

Naturally, next comes CPs and then total. This total is cumulative, not for the run itself. I don't think this particular field is necessary to those of you who may be following my lead on this, but it does serve a specific purpose.


Because MAA is full of glitches, that's why! I've had 3 separate occasions in the last month and a half where a run yielded me X amount of CPs and my cumulative only changed by Y amount. The first occasion, I got 5 cps from Vapor and 10 from Magneto - that's 15 cps! How much did my total change? by 12. Yep... ripped off by 3.

The second time it happened, I should've had 8 cps (3 from vapor, 5 from magneto) but I only received 6.

That's why i keep track of my cumulative.

I sent PD a message and they fixed it for me.

This is where I admit that I have lost my train of thought and say...


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