Well, I finally reached level 100 today. Not that I was actually trying to. You could call me a sandbagger, but I'm not really as I kind of like not having my agent be killed in battles.

I just run the flight deck non-stop and that levels gives my heroes experience for me.

Naturally, this means I have more heroes that need training than I have silver for. Such is the way of flight deck life. Sure, you get 5-6-700 silver in a flight, but you don't need that much experience to get heroes to training points.

Current position in PVP makes this season a complete write-off now. Can't reseach the next expansion fast enough, even though I have plenty of items to fill it with.

Give it a shot

Don't bother...

I'd be crazy to abadon it completely. May not get Bishop, but new uniform would be cool.

It's a lost cause. A losing battle. You're a loser.

People go crazy when they're within reach of a goal.

Yep, and you're proving that psychologism to be true

I'm not crazy.

Yeah you are. You were tested. You're borderline...

Shut up!

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