For my next magical act, I will explain why some aspects of this game are absolutely infuriating.

Daily Reward Roulette - (AKA DRR)

Forgoing a breakdown of the odds - many of which are rather poor - the daily roulette is rather infuriating for a few small reasons. The first being that some of the items are absolutely useless or ill-timed. In the category of useless are things like the current Spec Ops "Soul Jars". You get these from in-battle drops. So, why are they in the roulette? In my opinion, the ill-timed items are things like ISO8 and REACTIVE ISOs. However, the reasons for those two particular sets of items being ill-timed differs.

Reactive ISO's can easily be removed from the daily reward roulette because of their inclusion in Boss drops. There's no real reason for them to be in the daily reward spin.

ISO8 - The amounts vary, but more often than not, I've been getting 20 ISOs in the roulette. That's good for 2 battles or 1 mini-boss/boss fight. Weak. In my opinion, instead of 20, 100 and 1000 ISOs in the DRR, the numbers should be more like 60, 200, 400 and 600, with the odds of getting 600 being 66% better than 1000. [With rounding up, it would be a 2% chance of acquiring].

I'd also like to see that happen because I've received 1000 ISO8's on the last day of a spec ops, not once, but TWICE!.

FULL ENERGY - quite possibly the worst item in the roulette. As the DRR is really geared towards SO's, there's no real reason for this to be in there if it takes away from the possibility of getting ISO8. Further to that point,

So what should be in the DRR? Weapons naturally. As it stands, only one weapon is in the DRR usually and currently that weapon is the Scourging Gaze. Given that the are a few weapons that become available during a SO, you think they'd add some in. But, weapons made available don't even have to be related to the SO. They can be weapons that you can get with silver or gold. Even limited edition weapons could be thrown in there. Obviously, not the ones that go for 64gold, but the ones that go for 24/48 gold.


Instant research rewards.

Yep, you read that right. Research costs silver, shield points and time. What if you received a daily reward for research you haven't completed yet? What if it didn't cost you silver, SPs or time? Wouldn't that be sweet?


Or what if you could get Instant Training for a hero? 300K silver is a lot for that one hero you don't like, but want to be level 12. Certainly make training them easier.

Food for thought folks...

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