Episode 1 - Shedding Dark

Instead of my usual ranting and/or raving, this time I'm going to propose a new idea for the game that would make things far more interesting when fulfilling specific actions... namely sending heroes on deploys.

Deploy Mission Map Icon
As it stands, some deploys require specific heroes for completion, while many others don't.

What would add a nice layer of game play to the deploys is if for some deploys where any hero is needed, you have to figure out which hero to send to get slightly better rewards (or an increase in the odds of getting something better).

The idea here is that, some parts of the story line are fixed to be generic. You send a hero to go "investigate something" or they go off to "interrogate someone". What if, who you send changed the parameters slightly?

Example: In chapter 4, mission 4, there's a mission that involves a hero talking to a "fortuneteller". For this deploy, you can send anyone in your roster. But what if, the results were modified by sending a Magic user? What if, the rewards were better for you if you sent Dr. Strange or Scarlet Witch?

Reward Box
Now, I'm not calling for a revamp of the rewards given. That'd be ridiculous. But if the possible resources one could obtain were slightly better than normal, then a new layer could be introduced into the game. One that plays with the usual trial and error aspects of gameplay while combining a small factor of deduction.

I would certainly enjoy that. But then again, I've been a fan of puzzles in RPGs for most of my life.

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