The wonderful mode where we test our mettle against each other and see whose got the greatest teams and abilities. The wonderful mode where we customize our teams till we're blue in the face and pit them against others in the hope that we can advance in rankings to allow us to futher customize our teams.

A lot of us work on our setups to counter other teams but the truth is, now that there are 72 different heroes, 482 weapons and gadgets, 72 different uniforms, etc... There's at least 123,840 different possible combinations of ISO8's you can have on your team.

In other words, endless customizability. But also, endless amounts of possible hours spent in frustration. These hours consumed by the fact that all those factors cannot be put together to yield a team powerful enough to deal with all kinds of scenarios - insofar as PVP enemy teams are concerned.


We constantly talk about the odds for roulettes and CP farming. No one ever stops to consider that there are odds in just regular play. The main reason for this is that they are incalculable for most of us. For the sake of argument, let's just say they are 25-75. The reality is, you're either going to win a PVP battle or you're not. You are more likely to lose than win due to the overwhelming reality that your opponents are randomly chosen by the PD server.

If you're in my position, you can almost guarantee that you'll face a team with either Angel, Wolverine or Human Torch. And you're less likely to face one with Black Cat, Magneto or Magik. [These are heros I have never seen in PVP]

So what's an agent to do?

The best strategy you can have is to build your defensive team towards defence and evasion. Be sure to keep your attack up, but be mindful that your team relies on an AI to help you survive attacks. Be mindful of the possibility that the AI won't use the gear you've equipped your agent with, in order. If you gave them  Chalice of Souls and Scourging Gaze  there is no guarantee that the AI will use them in that order. [For sake of this argument, I'm assuming these two weapons because Scourging applies generalized to enemies if agent is dizzy, which the Chalice applies]

Currently, I'm betting on a protection-heavy team. Magnetic Shields, Digital Decoy, Protective Shroud and Force Shield... It's a little overkill, i'm sure. But why not? If I can't build a defensive team that will win, I'll build one that frustrates the crud out of my attackers.


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