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    HULK got angry and SMASHED everything
    We're calling in Damage Control

    ‎This article is currently under construction, and is incomplete as of this moment. Due to outside circumstances, an update has not been possible for the last month or so. The guide will be updated hopefully soon, with S2C3.

    The following is a consolidation of my previous two entries "Shedding the Light: Hero Buying for Noobs"

    TESSARLIGHT'S CONSOLIDATED HERO RECRUITING GUIDE This guide is very simple, it objectively deals with one question and one question alone. Who to buy next?

    This guide goes about answering that question by the criteria of:

    Getting the hero you NEED next, not the one you WANT next.

    As stated, this is an objective guide and my opinions are (largely) removed. Never…

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    Tessarlight Sitrep 7

    September 21, 2013 by Tessarlight

    After reaching 1.12.2, I realized how much I needed a certain hero. So, after farming for the last week or so, I am happy to say that I have yet another hero added to my roster.

    So, now I am faced with fast-tracking him to Level 10 (minimum) and farming more CPs to do this...

    Moments like this I wish I started CP farming sooner. I only really started doing it in May/June. Let this be a warning to you newer players.

    I'd like to thank TheRavenHeart for advice on my next step, which is to get WWII Bruiser Cap and after doing so, get back to farming, but on 1.12.2 instead of 4.4, for sake of efficiency.


    I've levelled quite a few of my heroes up in the last week or two, but I think my biggest change was finally getting Iron Fist and War…

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    First off... read THIS BLOG and THIS BLOG first. FIRST!!

    This blog entry is merely to support the previous two and act as a precursor to my next blog as I figure out how to encorporate all three into one.

    Okay, so, after 100 runs, the data i've collected on my CP farming has revealed that I have averaged about .372 CPs per 10 energy. Not bad, slightly lower than PKB's estimate.

    Now, the mistakes I've made in getting that average.

    One: tabulation of my CP recording.

    I used a haphazard method to keep track. It looked something like this...

    Date Vapor Magneto total DRR cumulative total

    It got quite messy, rather quickly. I realized after awhile that I didn't need to keep track of the CPs from either boss. However, I did realize that had I configured m…

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    Tessarlight Sitrep 6

    September 13, 2013 by Tessarlight

    Productive day game wise

    And Squirrel Girl unlocked!

    No image for that... boo urns.

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    Release the kraken...

    Oh wait, wrong greek god.

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