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Since many days, I wanted to make this Blog, but I did not get the time. Black Panther, when introduced, was awesome. High Stamina, Unbelievably cool Evasion, and a move giving you a buff that gave you high Attack and Defense, the only thing lacking

Black Panther Portrait Art

which you wanted. An attack that ignored defense and increased Accuracy along with applying bleeding, another that exploited it and increased Evasion, the last one removed buffs, and the ability to both Counter and Follow up attacks, it never got better . . . But then, it started raining dents. The first one was when Playdom decided that remove buffs should not remove class benefits. But this was not very major, and though BP’s LvL 9 ability’s use was lessened, this was shrugged off. The next one came when Hank Pym, albeit weak was introduced. A Tactician who could prevent counter class benefits was cool, and the other Tacticians were overshadowed for a while till players found his weak attack and long time taken to reach full potential. But the real damage struck with the introduction of Rescue, who could, in her first attack, render the counter class useless. Players started expecting more such Counter Class defeaters, and got their wish when Wonder Man was introduced. Soon, this was what players started to expect. Later, during the “ Age of Quick Actions ”, also known to some as the “ Reign of Cyclops ”, people found cheaper heroes that had their LvL 6 action as a quick action and were good to use. Soon he became over shadowed and went down the list to the 2nd least used 90cp hero, above only Black Night, another Underrated hero. So, if any of you are Playdom ( No, Don’t block me, I was talking not about the wikia but Users who could be Spys, Just joking ), please make these updates, as the King of Wakanda deserves them.

Stats : 


Stamina -      

Attack -      

Defense -    

Accuracy -     

Evasion -     

Passives :

Woven Vibranium -

  •  75% Chance to take reduced damage from Melee attacks and apply Dizzy on Attacker 
  •  75% Chance to take reduced damage from Energy attacks and apply Weakened on Attacker 
  •  50% Chance to take reduced damage from Follow-Up attacks and apply Flanked on Attacker
  •  50% Chance to take reduced damage from Counter attacks and apply Fumbling on Attacker

King of the Dead - 

  •  When an ally is KO'd, 50% chance to revive that ally to 10% Health instead.
  •  Black Panther is revived 25% health when King of the Death Procs.
  •  Gains Health and Stamina when an enemy or an ally dies. 
  •  Chance to gain Rising up and a Shield when an enemy dies.
Black Panther-Anti-metal Claws

Anti-Metal Claws : 

Stamina Cost - 7%

One Enemy

2 Hits

98% / 36 %

Vibranium Slashing Melee

Ethereal Strike

Ignore Defense

Bleeding x2


 Heart of the Panther

W'akandian Arts :'

Stamina Cost - 14%

One Enemy

2 Hits

88% / 21%

 Unarmed Melee

[1][2] Exploits Bleed

[3][4] Deadly Crits

[5][6] Eye of the Panther

Panther Stance :

Stamina Cost - 4%


Cooldown - 2 Rounds


[7][8] Quick Action

[9][10] Panther Stance

[11][12] Rage of the Panther

[13][14] Guile of the Panther

[15][16] Rising Up


 Vibranium Daggers

 Stamina Cost - 13%

 All Enemies

88% / 21%

Vibranium Explosive Ranged

[17][18] Ethereal Strike

[19][20] Remove Buffs

[21][22] Fried Circuits

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