• I live in In a curled up corner of chocolate and anguish.
  • I was born on June 16
  • My occupation is Killing worthless fools.
  • I am the Human on the Wall
  • TempleWalk

    Since many days, I wanted to make this Blog, but I did not get the time. Black Panther, when introduced, was awesome. High Stamina, Unbelievably cool Evasion, and a move giving you a buff that gave you high Attack and Defense, the only thing lacking

    which you wanted. An attack that ignored defense and increased Accuracy along with applying bleeding, another that exploited it and increased Evasion, the last one removed buffs, and the ability to both Counter and Follow up attacks, it never got better . . . But then, it started raining dents. The first one was when Playdom decided that remove buffs should not remove class benefits. But this was not very major, and though BP’s LvL 9 ability’s use was lessened, this was shrugged off. The next on…

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