Full Disclosure: I swiped this from a group that I'm part of on Facebook and reworded some of it.



Getting everyone in on the dogpile, for fun and profit.

Tips for dealing with Ultron so that everyone benefits:

1. Do not sandbag your Ultron and leave him alive until you're on Task 15. By doing so you're going to fall into the trap of his long respawn timer, which not only hurts you but also keeps your allies from fighting more instances of him.

2. When visiting someone else's Ultron, deal as close to 10% damage as possible and then stop. Refresh until he kills your party or flees. Doing this lets other allies pound on him so they can all get in on the bonus lockbox drops.

3. Let your allies know that he is up whenever the opportunity arises. Post it to your FB groups or send out a mass message. That way they don't have to just sit there refreshing the game and hoping for the best.

4. Concerning your own Ultron: The "Good Guy Greg" thing to do would be to only do 10% damage to him and then let your allies finish the other 90%. Don't sweat the timer - everyone out there is trying to run these battles down. He won't survive the full 72 hours, and everyone will benefit

The math of it all: 

  1. If one player kills their Ultron, solo = 14 boxes to one player
  2. If the owner of the Ultron and one other player kill him = 10 boxes - 5 to the owner (assuming 10% dmg done), 5 to the sole helper
  3. If 9 allies help kill Ultron, each taking their 10% = 50 boxes. (5 to all ten people involved)

Beating Ultron isn't a sprint, it's a group task. If we all help each other out, we'll all benefit more.

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