Thoughts on the patch:


  • - Red Hulk AND Juggernaut available at the same time. Maybe now everyone who had a wood for seeing these two in the game will shut up...
  • - Next PvP season will have separate loadouts available for the agent. Nice that they finally are working that in, but it brings up the question of why wasn't it in from the beginning?
  • - It looks like Blasters now require one turn to spin up their bonus against Bruisers unless they get attacked by a Bruiser before their turn. Not so sure how I feel about that. Will have to test that out in PvE, but as it's written it feels like a nerf.
  • - As it was noted it sounds like Tacticians can now spring two turns on a non-Blaster if they get attacked by a Blaster before their turn? Like they needed another buff in PvP?
  • - All class buffs (except those for Tacs?) can now trigger off AOE, but only if they're not QA attacks. Does that mean that Scrappers busting out an AOE can still double-tap any Infs on the field?

Non-PvP stuff:

  • - I'm digging the sorting options on the Flight Deck. No more rooting around for the heroes that need XP!
  • - Sword of the Barony will no longer proc a heal if the target isn't bleeding! Sa-weeeeeet! (I still hate that darned thing, but a whole lot less now...)
  • - I like the fact that they fixed Mystical Munitions and Ghost Rider so they no longer deal redundant Burning damage in addition to Soulfire.

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