I think I'm going to do something different for my posts in the upcoming PvP season. Instead of having a daily post that has my thoughts and stats for the day, I'm going to do a single post. I'll update it daily with my thoughts for the day and my stats, and archive the thoughts from previous days below the stats for posterity's sake. I'm also going to try including a chart of my daily points results if I can figure out how to properly embed a chart that's created by Google Drive. I think it'll make things more readable and keep both me and my frequent readers from having to keep track of multiple posts.

Also, the upcoming season should be "interesting", partly due to the changes they're talking about implementing (which I hope they roll out sooner than their usual "soon") and partly because I just crossed the level 200 threshold today. My levels have officially crossed the two century mark. Normally that'd be cause for celebration, but in PvP it's just a further kiss of death. It means I'm staring down the barrel of the endgame. Sure, I have 100 levels to go before I hit the cap, but it also means that I only have 70 levels to go before I have to start power-leveling to 300 to stay out of the killing fields. The power-leveling is not something I'm looking forward to. Hopefully it'll be several more months before I get to that point, but once I cross that line, there's no going back.

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